Oracle’s Mobile Application Development Framework Has Landed

Oracle ADF MobileMobile Application Development tools keep falling out of the sky to the point where a proper hacker needs to start wearing a helmet. The most recent platform to drop on us is the Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile (Oracle ADF Mobile) which enables developers to rapidly develop single-source applications that leverage Java and HTML5and deploy to both the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

Oracle ADF Mobile provides a complete MVC development framework with declarative user interface definition, device services integration and built-in security. Oracle ADF Mobile maximizes code reuse and results in compelling mobile applications while offering an optimal path for mobile enabling enterprise applications. As a cross device development framework based on a hybrid architecture, Oracle ADF Mobile lets developers build application that are portable across devices and operating systems while still leveraging the device specific capabilities and delivering excellent user experience.

Applications developed with Oracle ADF Mobile can be designed for phone and/or tablet form factors and can be packaged for either Apple iOS or Google Android – from a single code base. Oracle ADF Mobile leverages the power of the Java and HTML5 technologies along with visual and declarative development approach to provide a faster way to build on-device mobile applications. Oracle ADF Mobile applications install on-device, can work in both connected and disconnected mode and can access device services as well a local SQLite database.

For a complete breakdown of this new release head on over to the Oracle site here.

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