Agiloft Adds Usability Enhancements and AI-Based Intelligent OCR to No-Code Platform

Agiloft Adds Usability Enhancements and AI-Based Intelligent OCR to No-Code Platform

Agiloft, a trusted provider of agile business process software, today announced new advanced functionality and usability enhancements to its enterprise platform to streamline processes for users and improve productivity for Contract Lifecycle Management, IT Services Management and Business Process Management applications.

In addition to improvements to the platform graphic user interface (GUI) and navigation, Agiloft added AI-based metadata extraction from PDF files and scanned images to its product suite. This new capability allows users to significantly decrease the amount of time spent creating new records from existing documents with the use of intelligent optical character recognition (OCR).

“The Spring 2019 enhancements highlight a pivotal moment in our no-code platform as we build an AI core that will enable a host of new functionality,” said Christian Thun, VP of engineering at Agiloft. “These new features and integrations will have an immediate positive impact on user experience, speeding processes, improving collaboration, and reducing complexity.”

Additional platform updates include:

  • Heat bars to aid productivity and make numeric data easier to read at a glance, showing proportions, progress, and more
  • Concurrent editing to allow multiple users to edit MS Word and Excel documents simultaneously and streamline the review process
  • Improved Salesforce integration now accommodates Custom Salesforce Objects for increased flexibility between Agiloft and Salesforce
  • Expanded table view that displays images and summary popovers
  • New record forms to provide fresh customizations for records including a left- or right-aligned common area, save and cancel without scrolling, icons in relationship diagrams, and more
  • New report actions let users run reports directly from records, using information from the record as a run-time input
  • Singleton checkboxes to trigger rules, hide fields, or represent a true or false statement
  • Improvements to navigation enable users to open individual records from hyperlinks and utilize shortcuts for “Last Opened” and “My Assigned”

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