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BPM Case Studies in Healthcare

BPM Case Studies in Healthcare

BPM Case Studies in Healthcare

Business Process Management (BPM) software is useful for all kinds of industries and verticals. When asked the value of BPM solutions in healthcare, it usually comes back to three specific things: alleviating regulatory headaches caused by drawn-out, tedious business processes, the standardization of data, and simplification of processes.

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Typical goals for any BPM solution include reduced redundancies, better levels of customer satisfaction, and resulting revenue increases. Healthcare BPM receives all those and more. BP Logix, a leading provider of BPM software solutions, provides a few examples of how healthcare BPM has been utilized to the benefit of the healthcare providers:


Multiplan is the nation’s leading comprehensive provider of healthcare cost management solutions. The company provides a single gateway for managing healthcare claims financial risk. Processing over 40 million medical claims a year, MultiPlan is the only company offering access to national independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), it’s network, and negotiation and medical reimbursement services through a single electronic submission.

The Issue: The company became aware of their need to replace their current database with a more effective procurement method for handling all the capital and major expenditure requires. At first, MultiPlan began looking for a eProcurement solution, but soon found those to be more than what they really needed. All they wanted was an off-the-shelf solution to integrate with their financial management programs, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other applications, as well as be able to offer an electronic approval process and improve the capital and expenditure business process.

How They Fixed It: In order to combat this issue, MultiPlan set up a healthcare BPM solution using the BP Logix Process Director with its unique timeline software: Process Timeline. The finance department was excited to see the solution working effectively so they executed the process for all expenses, rather than just large capital. Furthermore, the IT department discovered the ease of customization, and began to create processes that allowed documentation attachments such as vendor quotes, Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, and more. 

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The National Eye Institute

The National Eye Institute (NEI) is part of the US National Institutes of Health. The establishment of the NEI legitimized the field of vision research as a distinct and important component in advancing the health and welfare of the American public. It also provided the foundation for building the scientific infrastructure that has made significant contributions in the treatment and prevention of eye disease.

The Issue: With multiple forms to be completed and information gathered for several hundred employees and patients, the task of compiling and documenting information was tedious and burdensome. NEI had to meet regulatory and legislative requirements, while demonstrating fiscal responsibility to taxpayers every year. The NEI needed to develop a process with electronic forms, workflows, and approvals to enable them to stay on top of all ethics requirements and governance, risk and compliance issues. For them, better processes and enterprise document management was crucial.

How They Fixed It: NEI began building the Institute’s first healthcare BPM workflow in less than 30 minutes with its drag and drop feature. Their Microsoft SQL Server database was simply and easily connected, they now expect to use Process Director for other enterprise document management needs beyond their first priority of ethics reporting. Their entire document life cycle and corresponding requirements is now easier to manage, more efficient, and far less complicated.

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These are just two examples of how BPM software can help healthcare organizations streamline business processes and automate workflow functions.

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