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Bpm’online Introduces 5 New Apps on the bpm’online Marketplace

Bpm'online Introduces 5 New Apps on the bpm'online Marketplace
Bpm'online Introduces 5 New Apps on the bpm'online Marketplace

bpm’online marketplace

Bpm’online, a leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provider for marketing, sales and service, announced today the exciting news of five new off-the-shelf solutions on the bpm’online marketplace.

According to the company, bpm’online partners and customers continue to make invaluable contributions by expanding bpm’online functionality and developing professional tools to help bpm’online users achieve their business goals.

With agility being their underlying key point to keep pace with the continually evolving business environment, the five new applications feature even more capabilities and opportunities for all bpm’online users.

Below are the new applications recently added to the marketplace:

  1. Quick Face for bpm’online: A face recognition system that helps identify all visitors of your place – shop, restaurant, office or any other – and save the information about these contacts into your CRM.
  2. Kanban view for bpm’online: A useful and intuitive visualization tool that allows you to turn lists of opportunities, cases, leads, projects, etc. into interactive pipelines, group them by stages and change stages with a simple drag-n-drop.
  3. Gantt chart for bpm’online: A tool designed for comfortable visual representation of section and record details data to easily analyze the project workload, accurately plan and allocate resources.
  4. YouScan connector for bpm’online: A powerful yet easy to use social media monitoring platform, which helps companies become better by listening to their consumers online.
  5. Calculated metrics for bpm’online: This application extends bpm’online dashboard customization tools with the ability to setup custom formula-based metrics.

Check the full list of application on the bpm’online marketplace.

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