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Bpm’online Offers Built-In Advantage for Complying with GDPR

Bpm'online Offers Built-In Advantage for Complying with New GDPR

Bpm'online Offers Built-In Advantage for Complying with New GDPR

If you’re trying to update your software platform for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there’s one thing that’s very handy to have: a business process engine. Business Process Management (BPM) is the meaning behind the first three letters in bpm’online’s name, indicating the importance of such an engine to this process-oriented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for B2B and B2C marketing, sales and customer service.

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According to Barry Levine, marketing technology writer for Third Door Media, the majority of bpm’online’s business, about 60 percent, comes from non-European markets. However, with the European Union market accounting for such a large portion of its business, compliance with GDPR has “been on our radar for quite a while.

“A lot of GDPR compliance is about process,” said chief evangelist, Matt Tharp, bpm’online, adding that “the process engine makes new processes easier than I’ve seen in other technologies.”

The engine lets its users design and apply such components as workflows, permissions to access data, actions users can take, forms and what the system needs to do with data in certain conditions.

Bpm’online doesn’t provide front-end processes or other assets that enable its business customers to capture end user consents for specific use cases, as GDPR requires.

It does, however, enable back-end data management across various channels and for various use cases. Tharp said that a number of channels and use cases are available already, and the platform can add additional ones.

There is also the ability to track data so that, for instance, a business can tell an inquiring customer that her data was batch-sent to an ad network.

For many companies, GDPR compliance involves a new executive office, often called the Chief Data Protection Officer and sometimes involving general data security beyond user data. Tharp said that his company is not currently planning to hire for such a position, although it has set up a permanently assigned team of staff personnel dedicated to consumer data protection.

For its markets outside the European Union, Tharp said he expects GDPR compliance will provide a competitive edge among customers concerned about customer data control and privacy. And, he advised, such compliance is a must-do for “for all US companies thinking about geographic expansion.”

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