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Bpm’online Reveals Major Updates to Its Product Line: bpm’online v. 7.12

Bpm'online Reveals Major Updates to Its Product Line: bpm'online v. 7.12

Bpm'online Reveals Major Updates to Its Product Line: bpm'online v. 7.12

Bpm’online, a global provider of business software in the space of BPA and CRM, announced a major update of its product line last week. Introducing the latest version of bpm’online: v. 7.12, featuring over 200 enhancements to accelerate business growth and transformation.

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This version of bpm’online features tools to accelerate four key pillars of the business transformation cycle: implementation, adoption, alignment and change.

According to the company, key enhancements to accelerate implementation include:

  • Extended marketing campaigns and bulk email management features
  • Cross-functional tools for predictive scoring
  • Updated service management capabilities in the mobile app
  • Tools for smarter service case management and simplified multilingual communications
  • Marketplace apps, connectors and templates to improve sales, customer experience and operations

Key enhancements to accelerate adoption include:

  • Revamped analytics and reporting capabilities to conduct in-depth data analysis more efficiently and effectively
  • Enhanced capabilities for data management, which help users visualize, instantly find, export/import and process all the required data
  • New tools to easily manage customer history
  • UI customization tools from bpm’online marketplace – color codes, dark theme for the bpm’online interface
  • Out-of-the-box gamification tools for employees’ engagement and training

Key enhancements to accelerate alignment include:

  • Web Services along with new process elements to enable users without specific IT skills to easily configure the integration of bpm’online with third-party systems
  • A Marketplace template for Azure Active Directory integration to manage access to bpm’online from a single identity management service
  • A connector for the automated import of leads from Facebook ad campaigns to bpm’online
  • A ready-made mobile app for storing a company’s entire call history by automatically transferring call logs from smartphones to bpm’online

And finally, the key enhancements to accelerate change include:

  • Extended tools for business process management to simplify the work with business processes at all stages: from initial configuration to execution and monitoring
  • A revamped Process Library to amplify business analysts’ performance
  • Enhanced process debugging
  • Background process execution that enhances the user experience, while performing resource-heavy process steps
  • The ability to make changes in the Section Wizard without compilation
  • Development configuration with the help of file content by adding * .js and * .css files to the package and working with them in the application
  • Additional features for mobile app development – the ability to control the mode and synchronization parameters in the offline mode through the API
  • New marketplace apps and templates for developers

“Successful digital transformation is now the top focus of modern organizations, as it reshapes every business aspect and lays down its own rules on companies’ growth and development strategy. The newest version of bpm’online 7.12, was designed to provide businesses all over the world with maximum agility and tools to adapt and transform faster in the constantly accelerating world. We believe that the latest version of bpm’online will equip our customers with all the tools to always accelerate and be ahead of the game.” – said Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner at bpm’online.

Read the full press release here.

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