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Camunda Brings Workflow Engine to Microservices

Camunda Brings Workflow Engine to Microservices

Camunda Brings Workflow Engine to Microservices

Today, Camunda, a software company reinventing workflow automation, announced that the first-ever production-ready release of Zeebe is now available for download as a free Community Edition. Zeebe is a modern workflow engine built for cloud architectures that provides visibility into and control over workflows that span multiple microservices.

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Zeebe integrates with cloud-native components like Kubernetes, Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch, executes industry standard BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), a well-established graphical modeling language for business processes, and is fault tolerant without requiring a database.

With companies increasingly digitizing business processes, there has been a significant rise in distributed microservices architectures. In fact 64% of enterprises are using microservices for some or all of the applications they’re building, according to a recent Camunda survey about enterprise use of microservices.

“Camunda already provides a business process management (BPM) framework, but Zeebe is written from the ground up for Kubernetes environments, where microservices will be employed to drive more agile use cases for BPM,” Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer says. “A Kubernetes platform provides the high-availability attributes required to ensure the Zeebe workflow engine is always available.”

According to Mike Vizard, Freelance Journalist and IT Editor, BPM platforms are experiencing a resurgence as organizations of all sizes look to embrace digital business transformation initiatives to drive more flexible e-commerce processes spanning multiple organizations. Microservices based on containers would make it simpler for those organizations to extend a workflow by adding and replacing containers dynamically.

Zeebe is a next-generation workflow engine that leverages event streaming to scale horizontally on cloud-native architectures, and is designed with the microservices orchestration use case at top of mind.
With Zeebe, software developers can for the first time:

  • Design, execute and manage microservices-based workflows at cloud scale.
  • Gain visibility into cross-microservice workflows, monitoring all running workflow instances across microservices.
  • Orchestrate cross-microservice workflows, ensuring that all flows finish within business SLAs and that issues requiring manual intervention are detectable and fixable.
  • Maintain an audit log of historic workflow data for analysis.

Zeebe is the latest addition to the Camunda technology stack that provides an integrated platform for software developers and business stakeholders, covering all phases of workflow automation, from process design and execution, to continuous process improvement. The stack includes a robust toolkit for modeling and executing business processes, coupled with powerful visual interfaces for monitoring and troubleshooting active processes and analyzing large volumes of process data.

Read the full announcement.

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