5 Steps to Reinforce Your Digital Strategy in 2021

From Creatio

As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Throughout the digitization of the world as we know it, many businesses have suffered from–or even succumbed to–their lack of strategy regarding their digital transformation. From Blockbuster passing up Netflix as a potential buyout to Toys ‘R’ Us refusing to compete with big eCommerce toy sellers, time has shown again and again that companies not only need a digital strategy, but it needs to be a key focus of how they intend to succeed and grow in the current climate.

2020 has given businesses an even bigger wake up call to the fact that digital strategy is not merely a means to ensure long term growth, but also short-term sustainability in challenging circumstances. The ability to change supply chains, customer engagement, or even entire business models within a moment’s notice is no longer a dream for the future; it is a necessity right now, and obtaining these capabilities starts with the strategic decisions CIOs and digital leaders make for their company’s IT infrastructure.

Making these decisions and creating a digital strategy is much easier said than done, however. To help navigate the chaotic environment that is the world of business tech and digitization, we have outlined several key pillars to a winning digital strategy for 2021, and how low-code can bolster your strategy by making your company’s digital transformation faster, easier, and more flexible.

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