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Genpact Acquires Hoodoo Digital to Enhance its Adobe Capabilities

Genpact Hoodoo Digital
Genpact Hoodoo Digital

Source: Genpact

Genpact has announced that it’s acquired Hoodoo Digital, a digital experience consultancy and Platinum-level Adobe solution partner specializing in creating unique customer experiences for companies across industries. The acquisition will expand Genpact’s experience business, Rightpoint, with new tools and capabilities to help clients drive end-to-end digital transformations, generate business insights, and manage their content, marketing, and commerce operations.

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Genpact provides BPM software solutions to organizations worldwide. Cora, the provider’s Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS), enables rapid build and change of high availability, mobile-enabled workflow applications that deliver significant digital business change. The solution combines the products acquired with RAGE Frameworks, PNMsoftTandemSeven, and technologies developed in Genpact’s analytics and artificial intelligence practices. Additionally, Cora allows business users and process developers to access a simple, intuitive system within a single interface.

With this acquisition, the latest in a series of investments Genpact has made in the last several years, Genpact will continue to expand its efforts to combine experience and process innovations with helping clients create meaningful transformations in their industry. For example, Hoodoo Digital’s expertise with Adobe applications, including Adobe Experience Manager, will add to Rightpoint’s capabilities and provide users with an end-to-end solution that integrates data analytics, marketing operations, e-commerce, and digital content.

Katie Stein, the Chief Strategy Officer at Genpact, says, “Today’s companies need agile, experience-centered operations that can quickly mine data to drive actionable insights to compete in a digital world of constantly evolving business models. The combination of Rightpoint’s tremendous experience expertise with Hoodoo Digital’s deep knowledge of Adobe solutions will allow our clients to speed their customer experience transformations to drive growth.”

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