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How Business Process Management Tools Drive Customer Engagement

BPM Software: A Key Driver of Digital Customer Engagement

BPM Software: A Key Driver of Digital Customer Engagement

Business Process Management (BPM) software was originally designed for improving operational efficiency. Today, however, the approach to BPM software has somewhat shifted its focus from cost-cutting operations to improving front-office activities and improving customer engagement, according to Hannah Miller, blog author for bpm’online.

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In this ‘age of the customer’, businesses are recognizing BPM tools as the technology that can drive automation, collaboration and engagement with customers. As a result, BPM software is now seeing a resurgence in businesses, as more and more leverage the technology to accelerate digital business transformation with a keen focus on a customer-centric approach.

Bpm’online has dedicated an entire ebook, available here, to help navigate this complex landscape. Below are just a few ways they explain how BPM software helps drive digital customer engagement:


As more and more customers turn to their mobile devices to engage and complete various purchases, companies need to keep up and deploy mobile apps. By doing so, they are providing more personalized omnichannel customer experiences. The need to extend business processes to mobile channels to deliver better customer experiences across all mobile devices has only just begun.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cognitive intelligent solutions help employees deliver excellent customer experience by putting together intelligence and BPM. With AI-powered software tools, organizations can translate the continuous flow of customer data into a greater understanding of their customers and provide experiences that build on brand loyalty. BPM software helps to enable intelligent control over the customer experience by applying contextual business processes that govern customer interaction, and delivers recommendations in the context of a current process or task.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a term that has been gaining a lot of attention recently. It requires business process leaders to digitize key business processes that support customer touchpoints. It also means taking a closer look at back-office processes to be optimized in order to improve the front-office processes and deliver high-quality customer service. Business processes will need to connect with a ride variety of endpoints and touchpoints to create great customer experience.

Driven by the need for speed and agility along with the traditional needs of efficiency and optimization, organizations are now turning to BPM as a key driver of digital transformation. BPM helps to identify high impact processes where digitalization can make a real difference and process innovation leads to gaining a competitive advantage and more value.

We encourage you to download the ebook from bpm’online in full here.

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