A Strategic Approach to Automate Modern Digital Businesses

From iGrafx

Digital transformation is now a common strategic imperative for all organizations. It uses innovations born of evolving cloud and mobile technologies to improve the customer experience and provide operating efficiencies. However, many transformation initiatives to date have delivered value, but not consistently and not in all cases. Often, these efforts focused too narrowly on process redesign and automation using a modern breed of earlier business process management (BPM) software. Digital automation platforms (DAPs) simplified the effort and enabled business and technology professionals to collaborate to improve, automate and adapt business processes as needed. But process improvement has broader implications that may not have been considered, like how change affects workforce behavior and interactions with customers and suppliers, as well as how systems, applications and processes must adapt and interoperate to realize desired business outcomes. Doing so requires a new generation of planning and modeling tools that enable organizations to visualize and understand how their people, processes and technologies must interoperate as an orchestrated system, and how they can realize the strategic objectives of modern digital businesses. A subset of DAP technology is coming to the market with these objectives as their primary value proposition. They bring a new breed of unified planning, orchestration and automation technology that can be referred to as strategic transformation platforms (STP)

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