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Kissflow Announces Kissflow Project, a New Project Management Solution

Kissflow Project
Kissflow Project

Source: Kissflow

Kissflow has announced the launch of Kissflow Project, a new project management offering to help teams in high-performance companies manage their internal projects. The collaboration-centric tool will provide functional managers and their teams with an easy-to-use project board designed to provide them with complete visibility into the tasks and timelines involved in ongoing projects.

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Kissflow is a cloud-based BPM solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. The software automates business processes and monitors performance. Additionally, Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions and approve pending tasks. The system comes included with 50 pre-installed business applications, including employee onboarding, vendor payment, mileage reimbursement, and much more. Users can download these applications, edit them as they see fit, or build their own applications from scratch.

With the launch of the Kissflow Project offering, functional managers across various industries will have access to a scalable, affordable, and collaborative platform that can be used without a steep learning curve involved. Alongside its scalable and centralized team collaboration features, Kissflow Project comes equipped with a suite of reporting capabilities.

Kausikram Krishnasayee, the Director of Product Management at Kissflow, says, “A surprising fact is that only 25% of organizations (1-in-4) use project management software. The rest are still using spreadsheets, paper, and a set of separate tools with little to no integration capabilities. We delved deep into understanding why and found out that most tools out there are still too complicated for managers. That’s where Kissflow Project comes in – you get to automate several processes, send out reminders, delegate tasks, and perform many other time-consuming tasks in only a few clicks.”

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