Newgen Makes its OmniFlow iBPS Platform More Intelligent with Process Insights

Newgen Makes its OmniFlow iBPS Platform More Intelligent with Process Insights

Newgen Software, provider of enterprise content management and business process management software, has officially released a major update to its iBPS Process Insights offering, a core component of its business process management suite: Newgen OmniFlow iBPS. The launch of Process Insights 1.0 helps analyzing key performance indicators such as inbound load, customer SLAs, process costing, and resource productivity.

Process Insights is a process simulation and analytics tool that delivers intelligence around business processes – reducing operational risks and delivering superior customer experience. It enables workflow designers and owners to optimize business processes by analyzing historical operational data, so organizations can proactively respond to trends and be better prepared for the impact of their strategic and tactical operational changes.

“Delivering superior customer experience has become one of the highest priorities for businesses globally. Process Insights delivers on that promise by enabling enterprises to improve their operational performance, enhancing their decision-making capability, and allowing them to take preemptive actions. We are excited to provide this new offering to our global customers and are confident that it will help users take their business a notch higher,” said Diwakar Nigam, Chairman and Managing Director, Newgen Software.

According to the announcement, with this intelligent analytic service, users are able to evaluate and understand alternate real-world business scenarios and their impact on the business. Process Insights helps with futuristic time-trend analysis and presents with the best course of action.

Key features of Process Insights v1.0 include:

  • Scenario definition – Sets up real-world business scenarios through an intuitive, no-code web interface, to create process scenarios and run simulations on deployed processes.
  • Simulation – Simulates impact on processes under varying conditions such as resource availability, cost, SLA, and inbound load.
  • Visualization – Monitors simulation and process performance leveraging dashboards and reports -to visually identify bottlenecks and severity with color-coded heat maps.
  • What-if analysis – Helps predict the impact of real-life strategic and tactical changes in business operations, by simulating multiple what-if scenarios.
  • Forecasting and recommendation – Helps forecast workload based on past data and predicts process KP ls based on simulated historical scenarios, to suggest the best course of action. Process Insights v1.0 will be available to existing Newgen iBPS platform customers and its prospects across the globe.

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