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ProcessMaker Announces New Collaboration with Automation Anywhere

Software AG Works to Advance Automation with Automation Anywhere

ProcessMaker Announces New Collaboration with Automation Anywhere

Today, open source workflow management and BPM software provider, ProcessMaker, announced a strategic collaboration with robotic process automation (RPA) leader Automation Anywhere – making them a Technology Alliance Partner. This alliance empowers ProcessMaker users to drive new efficiencies by delivering solutions that assist with routine, data-intensive tasks. Organizations will now be able to improve overall processes across their enterprises, enabling employees to focus on higher-level projects.

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According to the announcement, and as part of the agreement, the two companies plan to integrate Automation Anywhere’s RPA platform with ProcessMaker’s Business Process Management (BPM) software. The new partnership will enable clients to use Automation Anywhere’s RPA platform to create software bots that execute tasks within larger business processes managed by ProcessMaker. By integrating these technologies, the collaboration aims to provide companies with a comprehensive set of tools to create and use software bots to streamline digital tasks across more of their business processes.

“The integration of the ProcessMaker and Automation Anywhere technologies creates a powerful new option for companies to improve business processes,” said Griffin Pickard, Director, Technology Alliance Program, Automation Anywhere. “This collaboration will enable users to automate mundane, repetitive tasks, freeing them up to focus on more important initiatives like enhanced innovation and improved customer experiences.”

This new alliance will be particularly relevant to companies where employees routinely have to manually complete simple tasks within business processes. For example, a higher education institution using ProcessMaker could use Automation Anywhere’s platform to build software bots to streamline the processing of new students or financial aid requests. The university could create a bot that helps complete the application by automatically capturing data from different files, or even emails submitted by the student. The result leads to faster turnaround times for approvals, reducing errors associated with managing business processes manually.

“We’re extremely excited about this partnership as we continue to aim to help our customers have the speed, efficiency, and agility needed in the modern enterprise,” said Brian Reale, CEO and Founder of ProcessMaker. “The partnership between ProcessMaker and Automation Anywhere takes Business Process Management to a new level, liberating employees to focus on the things they do best while bots focus on the rest.”

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