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Robotic Process Automation vs. Business Process Management

Robotic Process Automation vs. Business Process Management


In today’s digital era, enterprises everywhere are feeling the pressure to digitize operations, and they see a future where routine operations are fully automated. But how does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) fit alongside Business Process Management (BPM) in a broader digital process automation strategy?

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This 30 minute video, presented by Bizagi, discusses the topics of RPA and BPM, and surfaces the question of which is better for enterprises to utilize, or both? The webinar explores the market and use cases for RPA and BPM technologies.

The host, Steve Tassell, Product Marketing Manager of Bizago, hosts Craig Le Clair, VP, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research as they analyze the current state of the process automation market, examining RPA’s relationship to artificial intelligence (AI) and BPM, before proposing a blueprint for an overall digital operating model.

Craig Le Clair will provide insights from across leading digital process automation projects, including:

  • A model for the interaction between RPA, AI and BPM
  • How to overcome the challenges of governance, CoE and security
  • How to facilitate the relationship between Business, Technology and BPM

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