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Signavio Releases New Features for Signavio Business Transformation Suite

Signavio Releases New Features for Signavio Business Transformation Suite

Signavio Releases New Features for Signavio Business Transformation Suite

Signavio, provider of business process management solutions based in Berlin and Silicon Valley, has announced the latest product release for the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, with upgrades for each tool. The latest round of upgrades for the Signavio Business Transformation Suite will help users collaborate across multiple languages, improve data upload functionality, and bring automation to bear on Decision Model and Notation (DMN) decisions.

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According to the announcement, as of Q2 2019, the following new features will be available to users:

Workflow Accelerator

Using DMN diagrams created in Signavio Process Manager, decisions can be made based on documented business rules. With the help of this documentation, manual decisions in Signavio Workflow Accelerator can now be automated using the new action “DMN Decision.”

This standardizes decision-making and reduces the risk of an incorrect decision, as well as allowing the processes based on it to be carried out more efficiently. Updating rules and processes is now even easier, meaning it is possible to respond quickly to internal or external changes and ensure your processes remain compliant with the necessary rules and regulations.

Process Intelligence

Signavio Process Intelligence now offers an improved data upload interface, to facilitate the step from the conversion of process data to the transfer of process data into a format for analysis—thus speeding up the technical preparations for systematic data evaluation.

The improved data upload is now a drag-and-drop process, supporting XES, CSV, and ZIP files. As such, the effort for each action has been reduced: XES files can be uploaded without additional steps, and the attribute columns for activities, timestamp, and case ID in CSV files are now automatically recognized and proposed for use. The improved functionality makes it much easier for process experts to complete the often complex step of data preparation.

Process Manager

Managing content and process models in multiple languages is a common challenge for international organizations, or in companies where partners and agencies may be required to step in and help take advantage of opportunities in diverse markets. Signavio Process Manager now allows you to fully export your process and dictionary content in the most common, supported translation format (.po) as well as import new or updated content quickly.

With Signavio’s central process repository, we provide a broad range of content and interface languages tied to our users’ profiles, so everyone gets their process content displayed in the correct language. With the addition of this new functionality, Signavio users will be able to collaborate more closely and efficiently with partners in multiple languages, to curate and elevate their multi-language content, reduce their time-to-market, save money on translation costs, and more easily communicate internal process changes across the organization.

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