The Best Robotic Process Automation Certifications Online for 2022

The Best Robotic Process Automation Certifications Online for 2021

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best robotic process automation certifications online to consider acquiring.

SR Finds 100x100Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the method many organizations use to optimize day-to-day operations. RPA can benefit organizations by automating repetitive, tedious tasks, enabling employees to accomplish more critical goals. Data is growing exponentially, contributing to the growing need for robotic process automation. Modern robotic process automation tools let users streamline daily processes and spend their time on more critical tasks.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best robotic process automation certifications from leading online professional education platforms and notable universities. The certifications listed offer students the training to develop new skills and advance their careers. This is not an exhaustive list, but one that features the best robotic process automation certifications online from trusted institutions. We included certificate descriptions and Solutions Review’s take on each.

The Best Robotic Process Automation Certifications

Certificate Title: RPA Developer Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: This Udacity Nanodegree will take approximately four months to complete and assumes no prior knowledge of RPA, making it an excellent fit for professionals just getting started in the field.

Platform: Udacity

Description: In this course, you will learn about RPA using UiPath, specifically how to use UiPath Studio to develop automation solutions. You’ll first get a deep dive into Studio and how to use activities to program the robot to mimic actions, which will help you understand how data is stored and passed between applications and actions while illustrating the logical execution of the activities. Finally, you’ll learn about selectors, which are the heart of user interface identification and automation, and how the robots use them to work within UI applications to successfully identify where to enter or extract data and actions.


Certificate Title: Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree

OUR TAKE: This Nanodegree enables students to build hands-on projects to gain essential robotics software engineering skills, including ROS, Gazebo, localization, mapping, SLAM, navigation, and path planning, among others.

Platform: Udacity

Description: Across the course’s four-month schedule, students of varying experience levels will begin their exploration into the complex world of robotics software engineering. The program uses a practical and system-focused approach to using ROS framework and C++ to program robots. Other subjects covered include robotics software engineering algorithms like localization, mapping, navigation, and much more.


Certificate Title: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Specialization

OUR TAKE: Learn RPA design and development with this training program from UiPath. It consists of six courses geared toward beginners and can be completed in approximately three months with only four hours of work a week.

Platform: Coursera

Description: Students who enroll in this six-course training program will learn the basics of robotic process automation, develop a familiarity with the UiPath platform, practice the ability to design and create automations for business processes, and prepare to become a UiPath Certified Professional. Other topics covered data manipulation, control flow, UI automation, UiPath orchestrators, and automation techniques for RPA. The course concludes with a final lesson that incorporates a capstone project to help students practice their new skills.


Certificate Title: Automation Test Engineer Master’s Program

OUR TAKE: This program from Simplilearn covers a range of tools valuable to any RPA professional, including Agile, Java, AWS, SQL, Docker, and Git, among others. The course delivers 360 hours of Applied learning and multiple hands-on projects.

Platform: Simplilearn

Description: With this automation test engineer training program, learners will walk away with an in-depth familiarity with software testing technologies like Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, AutoIT, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker and walk them through how those tools can help companies build robust testing frameworks. The Automation Test Engineer program curriculum uses Simplilearn’s unique, comprehensive Blended Learning approach to make its students career-ready upon completing the certification program.


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