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Vlocity Announces New “Clicks not Code” Omnichannel BPM Tools: Vlocity OmniScript

Vlocity Announces New "Clicks not Code" Omnichannel BPM Tools: Vlocity OmniScript

Vlocity Announces New "Clicks not Code" Omnichannel BPM Tools: Vlocity OmniScript

Vlocity, a leading industry cloud software company, announced the release of  Vlocity OmniScript for Lightning Flow in the newly-launched Flow Solutions category in Salesforce AppExchange. Vlocity’s next-generation Business Process Management (BPM) features allow customers to easily create dynamic single or multi-step forms that execute within any Lightning Flow from Salesforce.

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According to the company, Vlocity OmniScript is an enterprise-class, cloud-native and fully declarative form and process building technology available to any Salesforce and Vlocity customer. Vlocity OmniScript for Lightning Flow is a Flow Action that delivers the visual and interactive power of Flow Lightning Components, all without the need for custom development.

Features include:

  • Ability to create rich, interactive digital processes and forms without coding. Vlocity’s drag-and-drop designer allows users to easily compose forms with over 25 input and display controls and quickly test fully-responsive forms in a variety of formats — including desktop, tablet and mobile — to enable organizations to deliver a fully omnichannel experience.
  • Ability to drop activated forms into a Salesforce Lightning Flow to maximize user experience and reduce custom User Interface (UI) development.
  • Rapid data validation, messaging, formulas and show/hide logic that deliver an immersive experience for employees and partner or customer community users alike.
  • Real-time call outs via REST that can be configured without code.
  • Ability to rapidly deploy end-to-end processes spanning multiple systems that leverage Salesforce Integration Cloud, Vlocity DataRaptor, and Vlocity Integration Procedures to integrate with and access back-office and legacy APIs.

“The new Vlocity OmniScript functionality on Salesforce Lightning Flow represents a significant leapfrog over the BPM tools offered by traditional legacy system providers,” said Dave Stone, Senior Product Manager for Vlocity OmniScript™. “Vlocity OmniScript for Lightning Flow features a ‘no code,’ drag and drop user interface that allows our customers to rapidly deploy customer-centric mobile and cloud processes and applications across all channels in their digital transformations.”

By offering fully native and additive extensions on Salesforce and with Lightning Flow, Vlocity customers can execute a variety of functions within Vlocity’s industry apps such as guided buying flows, multi-step service flows, and single-step transactions.

“Customers want to create dynamic and engaging industry-specific experiences that connect with third-party systems but building out these experiences is difficult,” said Arnab Bose, Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce. “The Vlocity Lightning Flow Action supercharges this experience by enabling customers to use Vlocity Omniscript™ to build rich, dynamic visuals declaratively and connect them to Lightning Flows which can create or update Salesforce data.”

Vlocity OmniScript™ for Lightning Flow is available on Salesforce AppExchange at OmniScript™ for Lightning Flow is available free of charge for all existing joint Vlocity/Salesforce customers.

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