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WEBCON Announces Designer Desk, a New Process Modeling Software 

WEBCON Designer Desk
WEBCON Designer Desk

Source: WEBCON

WEBCON has announced the availability of Designer Desk, a new process modeling software designed to help organizations test and iterate prototypes in real-time without needing to work with coding or database designs. The web-based, no-code tool is available now. It includes a free testing version that allows prospective users to build workflows, test prototypes, create forms, and generate documentation with no time limits.

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WEBCON is a software provider that offers an enterprise-grade and low-code business process automation and management platform to help companies worldwide improve efficiencies, streamline processes, and drive overall business growth. The WEBCON BPS platform is equipped with business process management, robotic process automation (RPA), document management, workflow automation, business process digitalization, no-code delivery, and integration capabilities.

The Designer Desk tool is designed to support citizen-assisted development, which helps improve how business stakeholders and professional application builders develop new solutions. Designer Desk enables stakeholders to quickly annotate what they want from a prototype and send them to the solution builder. From there, the developer can create a prototype, test it, gather feedback, refine it in real-time, and forward it to a development team when it’s ready to be converted into a production-ready solution.

Mike Fitzmaurice, the VP of North America for WEBCON, says, “Designer Desk is different from other tools in that it doesn’t ask you to build the entire application. Instead, you visually and interactively build an example of one. It’s a web-based, no-code, drag-and-drop solution optimized for business users, IT departments, integrators, analysts – everyone. Since determining requirements often takes as long as actual development, this is a true game-changer for building business process solutions.” 

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