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Why You Should Implement a Business Process Management Tool


Why You Should Implement a Business Process Management Tool

With the rate of accelerated change in the business world, the need for having a competitive advantage is more important now than ever before. In order to remain competitive, decrease costs and increase organizational productivity, business leaders must recognize the importance of improving business processes. By implementing a Business Process Management (BPM) tool into your organization, it helps to put into effect quick responses to challenges and opportunities, at the same time helping business leaders make the right decisions for overall company growth. Below are common reasons to implement a BPM tool.

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Improves Process Management

Many organizations still think they can apply Lean Six Sigma everywhere, however, Schooff argues that it’s not the solution. In our digital world, there are areas where you lead with technology, where you automate, and other areas where you can try your more traditional people-centric methods (like lean six sigma).  There are lots of areas where you combine both though. These are processes where you need to innovate and BPM software can help you get there by selecting the right approaches for specific process.

Helps You Focus on What Matters

According to Peter Schooff, managing Editor at, studies and research show that a company only competes with 15 to 20 percent of their processes. More than 80 percent are commodity processes that you need to have, that you need to perform, but they can performed on an industry average level. To gain a competitive business advantage, Schooff suggests focusing your innovation and optimization activities on what really matters, the 15 plus percent of high impact processes. BPM software helps setting the right focus by providing the necessary transparency over the operations of an organization and related specific tools and approaches.

Sustains Any and All Business Improvements

Schooff states the third aspect is that BPM helps to sustain those improvements. A value-driven BPM solution puts the right governance around those processes in place to 1. keep them on track, 2. figure out when to launch corrective action and 3. decide when you need to make the next jump forward. You sustain what you have achieved. BPM software provides various tools and approaches to provide this essential process governance.

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