Linux Academy Launches Cloud Assessments to Aid Enterprises in Training, Hiring

4 Low-Code Development Platform Trends for 2017Linux Academy recently launched Cloud Assessments to aid enterprises in training their IT teams on cloud technology and vetting new hires.

The new platform, with an initial focus on AWS, utilizes real servers in live environments. Enterprises are able to save time and money by training their teams using this tool. It also makes hiring easier, as Cloud Assessments provides an actual percentage that reflects how well a candidate can perform a task.

“In today’s world of constantly changing technologies and competition for IT talent, it’s necessary for companies to know for certain that their IT staff and new hires have more than a theoretical understanding of their technology, particularly AWS,” Anthony James, CEO and founder of Linux Academy, said. “Whether it’s used by companies to test, vet, or train their teams on AWS skills or by individuals to assess and learn new ones, Cloud Assessments provides proof of those skills, and we’re very excited about the tremendous advantages and opportunities it presents to both.”

James told Solutions Review that the ability to train your existing staff and perform pre-hire performance-based assessments are the benefits of this launch that stand out most. Linux has users complete a baseline assessment so they start in the right place based on their skills. Instead of questions and answers, Cloud Assessments uses real servers in live environments to test a person on AWS. They also have access to video and lab-based training. Analytics from their work makes it easy to see how much a lab is contributing to learning and if the lab itself needs to be modified.

And according to James, future features in the platform will allow organizations to give specific assessments to users. This could not only speed up the hiring process but also allow a company to hire a candidate with complete confidence in their work.

About 6,000 IT professionals were polled by Linux Academy and the survey found that it takes the average person weeks or even months to learn about a company’s technology stack. It appears that Cloud Assessments will be able to decrease that number substantially.

Here are some of the additional features Cloud Assessments offers:

  • Speeds up the IT vetting and hiring process
  • Fosters advancement from within
  • Reduces time to come up to speed on a company’s tech stack
  • Increases individual skills quickly and efficiently
  • Provides a training vehicle
  • Helps with job placement

Head over to their site for additional information.