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Commvault Is Set to Acquire Software-Defined Storage Provider Hedvig

Commvault Is Set to Acquire Software-Defined Storage Provider Hedvig
Commvault Is Set to Acquire Software-Defined Storage Provider Hedvig

Source: Hedvig on YouTube

Commvault has announced today its intent to acquire software-defined storage solution provider Hedvig, for $225 million. Hedvig was founded in 2012 by Avinash Lakshman, the inventor of Apache Cassandra and one of the inventors of Amazon Dynamo. The merger is expected to close in the third quarter. In a company blog, Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandani touches on the unified data management and storage tools that are on the way as a result of the deal.

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Hedvig delivers enterprise storage for environments running at any scale. The provider’s platform is a software-defined storage solution with distributed systems DNA, unrestricted by existing architectures that are unable to keep pace with scale-out applications. Hedvig also collapses disparate storage systems into one space, which creates a virtualized storage pool that provisions storage. It runs in both private and public clouds as well.

Commvault touts thousands of customers around the globe, helping them to manage and use their data more effectively. This is demonstrated by the 600-plus petabytes of data managed by Commvault in the cloud currently. Mirchandani adds: “Our acquisition of Hedvig extends our already-rich innovation roadmap to enable us to provide the industry-standard solution for our customers’ storage and data readiness needs in the coming days and for years to come.”

Hedvig CEO Avinash Lakshman told the media in a statement: “Being completely software based, the Hedvig platform can span multiple data centers across multiple physical geographies including disparate cloud environments. This may be the most comprehensive solution ever unleashed into enterprise data centers and public cloud environments.”

Lakshman also commented on the news via a short video, which you can see here.

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