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DataCore Secures New Patent for Performing Parallel I/O

DataCore Secures New Patent for Performing Parallel I/O
DataCore Secures New Patent for Performing Parallel I/O

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DataCore Software has been awarded a new patent for performing Parallel I/O operations, according to a press release. The patent is part of a set of related applications covering techniques for improving I/O performance on multicore systems. When combined, the technologies hasten DataCore’s software-defined storage product portfolio.

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DataCore specializes in storage virtualization, storage management, and storage networking. The vendor’s products enable customers to expand capacity, protect and enhance access to data, and centralize and automate storage administration for Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS, and Netware systems. DataCore has developed a number of techniques to maximize storage performance while maintaining the required level of consistency.

DataCore customers do not need to replace hardware or undergo any tuning, workload-specific setup or migration to take advantage of the new performance perks. Parallel I/O enables I/O to be processed in parallel, which results in the need for fewer servers, faster application runtime, faster system response, and higher workload consolidation ratios with more VMs per server.

In a press statement, the company’s Chief Scientist Nick Connolly said: “Our unique technology expertise has enabled DataCore to create a world-class software-defined storage platform that delivers greater I/O throughput, with better and more deterministic latency, while using less resources. It’s technical innovations like these that elevate DataCore from being just a provider of storage virtualization into the authority on software-defined storage.”

All of DataCore’s technology innovations ultimately support the DataCore ONE vision for storage infrastructure, designed to accelerate the adoption of software-defined storage in enterprise data centers, the cloud and edge computing.

The new DataCore patent announcement comes on the heels of the company’s June mention in Gartner’s Peer Insights Voice of the Customer for Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

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