The Business Value of Infinidat Storage

From Infinidat


IDC research shows that organizations plan to continue investing in server, storage, and network hardware despite the challenging economic climate. However, budget tightening means many will face pressure to achieve a quick return on their investments. Infinidat offers a portfolio of enterprise-grade storage systems designed to cost-effectively address requirements for high performance, availability, and scalability at a time when companies are increasingly consolidating workloads and deploying demanding analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications as part of digital transformation initiatives.

Infinidat’s InfiniBox hybrid and all-flash storage arrays run on commodity hardware to lower costs and use the same software-defined architecture, InfuzeOS operating system, and Neural Cache deep-learning algorithms to deliver most data from high-speed caching tiers. They also share a common management platform, InfiniMetrics telemetrics technology, and InfiniVerse cloud-based predictive analytics to ease administration.

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