Top 5 DevOps Conferences And Expos to Attend In 2017

Even though IT companies can argue that they have an efficient work culture among their employees, they cannot deny that the implementation of DevOps into the company would be beneficial in building stronger relationships between employees. If you want to know more about how DevOps is the next step in revolutionizing the technological landscape, here are five essential conferences and expos on Devops that you should attend during the remainder of 2017. Each conference can be featured for a wide variety of roles, or they can only be planned to target one particular aspect of IT tech.

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES)

Date: Nov. 13-15

Location: San Francisco, California.

Who should go?: The Conference is targeted for developers, operations specialists, CxOs, software architects, systems and network admins.

Description: This conference is meant to be presented and organized for the leaders of complex, diverse organizations who seek  to implement the latest DevOps principles and practices. With an emphasis on technical and architectural practices, the goal of the event programming is to inspire widespread change in order to give technology leaders the tools and resource necessary to efficiently produce and release software to the public faster than ever.

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LISA (Large Installation Systems Administration) Conference 

Date: October 29-November 3, 2017

Location: Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, California

Who should go?: The Conference is targeted for IT Ops, systems admins, systems engineers, network engineers, software architects.

Description: Organized by Usenix, this annual meeting is planned to rigorously educate and train the systems administration community in the design, building, and maintenance of critical systems. By revolving the conference around architecture, culture, and engineering, LISA will surely be a worthwhile experience in adapting to the rapidly changing functions of IT operations.

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Microsoft Ignite

Date: September 25-29

Location: Orlando, Florida

Who should go?: The Conference is targeted for Microsoft developers.

Description: Though this Expo has a particular niche on Microsoft employees, the even is actually a conglomeration of multiple, smaller events, including Microsoft Management Summit, Microsoft Exchange Conference,  SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Project Conference, and TechEd. The conference is going to have a vast amount of opportunities for activity and growth, with over 700 sessions offering information and lessons on architecture, deployment, implementation and migration, development, operations and management, security, access management and compliance, and usage and adoption. With over 100 vendors attending as well, there will be limitless opportunities to network, develop technological skills, and increase one’s standing in the IT community.

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Fusion 17

Date: October 31-November 3

Location: Orlando, Florida

Who should go?: The Conference is targeted for Service delivery managers, senior-level VPs and directors, CIOs and CTOs.

Description: This annual conference is held for IT service management professionals, covering topics including using ITSM when implementing virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, security, SaaS, and other technologies in the enterprise. With four-key note speakers and over 100 different sessions surrounding the topics previously listed here, this conference will surely be an overall versatile and productive experience for DevOps development.

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Date: October 1-5

Location: San Francisco, California

Who should go?: The Expo is targeted at Java developers.

Description: Though this expo solely focuses on improving DevOps practice for Java Developers, this expo is extremely important because of both the widespread usage of Java among IT professionals, and due to the necessity of more efficient, speedy software that will be put out due to DevOps practices. Subjects that will be covered include Java and security; Java, DevOps and the cloud, and Java and the IoT.

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