Solutions Review Releases DevOps Site

Solutions Review announced today the launch of our latest news site, DevOps, as we continue to develop the complete source of information for IT professionals challenged with making buying decisions for their business.

Solutions Review for DevOps is the most unbiased and straightforward online resource for solution news, updates, best practices, and vendor information available. Additionally, the website contains live real-time Twitter feeds, vendor blog rolls, an industry events calendar, and comprehensive Solution Directories highlighting the DevOps solution providers. Dedicated Solutions Review editors present the latest information regarding database management, configuration/provisioning, build, testing, containerization, container management, deployment, security, and much more.

In addition to the website itself, Solutions Review has also released the 2018 Container Management Buyers Guide. Solutions Review’s team of IT Solutions Analysts have compiled the top Container Management solutions into an easy-to-digest guide providing IT professionals with all the critical information needed to start their search and identify the best solution for each business’s needs. The guide includes detailed vendor profiles, “bottom-line” sections that tell about the vendor’s pros and cons, and the seven features you should be looking for when evaluating these solutions. Solutions Review has also released the Solution Directory for Container Management Vendors to coincide with the release of its Buyer’s Guide.

DevOps is an overarching theme that advocates productive software development. This website is a catch-all site on multiple topics and solutions that promote how to build, deploy, and manage software efficiently. “A solution category that promotes a diverse range of software developing practices absolutely deserves its own website,” said Solutions Review President, Doug Atkinson. “That is exactly what we have created with Solutions Review for DevOps. It is a one-stop shop for all the latest news, updates and best practices where IT professionals interested in DevOps can come to source all the information needed to make proper buying decisions.”

Top providers highlighted on the site and in the Container Management Buyer’s Guide include Apache Mesos, Amazon, Docker, Google, HashiCorp, Kubernetes, Marathon, Microsoft, Puppet, Rancher Labs, Rocket, and Twistlock.

Solutions Review continues to put a large emphasis on site neutrality. Rather than picking winners and losers across specific technology categories, the site presents all the facts regarding best practices and solution news allowing buyers to make informed decisions for their organization. “We feel that with the information presented on each site and the value offered in our Solutions Review Buyers Guides, we have developed a great source of knowledge that can help any IT professional and decision maker begin the process of finding the best solution for their business needs,” said Atkinson.

Stephan Duncan

Stephan Duncan

Stephan Duncan is a Content Writer/Editor covering Network Monitoring and DevOps at Solutions Review. He attended the College of the Holy Cross, where he attained a B.A. in English, and a B.A. in History with a concentration on War and Memory. You can reach him at
Stephan Duncan

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