5 Container Management Vendors To Watch In 2018

Container management software helps administrators automate and hasten the creation, destruction, deployment, scaling, and editing of containers. The main benefit of container management software is that administrators can take densely populated hosting environments and simplify their management so they take up less space in the cloud. Container management solutions are popular with software developers because of their ability to provide oversight for all deployed containers across multiple systems.

The future in container management software lies in vendors that are developing their solutions to exceed expectations among the competition. To celebrate the future, here are the top vendors to watch for as the new year rolls around the corner.

Rancher Labs

Cupertino-based container management provider Rancher Labs’ flagship product Rancher lets users develop, deploy, and run containers in production on any infrastructure. Rancher Labs has just updated their flagship solution to Rancher 2.0 to offer the best premium enterprise-grade container management platform available. The provider designed Rancher 2.0 to release Kubernetes faster than any other solution, but time will tell whether or not they are a serious competitor.


Twistlock is a comprehensive, automated and scalable container security solution that provides full-lifecycle vulnerability management. As a leader in providing container security, this vendor provides efficient and user-friendly security for major vendors like AWS. Even though Twistlock isn’t a traditional container management solution, it stands out from its peers because of its focus on security for cloud-native services.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a provider of optimization and management software for public, private and hybrid clouds. Juniper Networks enables users to manage automated operations, visibility, and reporting in cloud and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). This provider’s flagship solution is AppFormix, which features machine learning and smart monitors, and application and software-defined infrastructure analytics, alarms.


Portainer is the sleeper pick for 2018, but it’s already making a name for itself by providing open-source, reliable UI management for Docker hosts and Swarm Clusters. Even though it lacks the capacity to enable users to manage containers across other platforms like CoreOS or Mesos, Portainer is picking up popularity because it can provide a reliable and productive experience in using only Docker.


Kubernetes is a popular choice for open-source automation in the deployment, management, and scaling of containers. Kubernetes will have tough competition this upcoming year with popular solutions such as AWS EC2 and Apache Mesos. Despite the competition, this solution hopes to dominate the container management market as major companies like IBM and Google are teaming up with Kubernetes to ensure workload portability.




Stephan Duncan

Stephan Duncan

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Stephan Duncan

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