Synposys Acquires Black Duck Software

Software integrity and quality provider Synopsys, Inc. has completed their acquisition of Black Duck Software, a leading provider of automated solutions for securing and managing open source software. In a statement released by the company, Black Duck Software stated that they are “proud to be part of Synopsys and look forward to helping Synopsys customers improve software integrity” through their open source solutions.

Black Duck specializes in providing application and container security. These particular open source solutions analyze a company’s code for any security vulnerabilities that could damage the network’s structure. In their “2017 Open Source Security & Risk Analysis”, the infographic states that in 2016, 67% of analyzed applications in using open source had vulnerabilities in their components. These security vulnerabilities can also affect container bundle applications because of the latter’s growth, especially as the applications grow.

The main solution integrated into Synopsys’ product catalog is the Black Duck Hub, an Open Source Management Solution. Hub is designed to detect open source code and modified components, monitor, and identify any known quality risks, and manage the automated security policies set up by user-ends. This solution can provide container security by mapping acknowledged vulnerabilities and monitoring for new ones through enhanced security protocols. Hub can also strengthen application security by automating integrated tools from different DevOps categories such as Continuous Integration, Bug & Issue Tracking, and Package Managers.

Black Duck Hub joins Synopsys’ catalog of application security testing solutions, designed to provide accurate security assessments to maintain reliable security. Their Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution verifies threats to critical data, ensuring these threats’ legitimacy using runtime code and data-flow correlation. Their Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution runs simulated attacks to identify security vulnerabilities. DAST then uses the results to implement cost-effective measures to avoid real-world scenarios. As the security solution market grows, Synopsys hopes the Black Duck acquisition will showcase the former’s ambition to maintain their status as a prominent provider of application security.

To read the full press release, click here. To check out Synopsys’ software security testing solution, click here. To check out Black Duck’s takes on Application and Container Security solutions, click here and here, respectively. To check out the Black Duck Hub solution, click here.

Stephan Duncan

Stephan Duncan

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