Six DevOps Blogs You Should be Following

Six DevOps Blogs You Should be Following in 2018DevOps has been a primary topic of discussion within the IT world for the past few years. Adopting DevOps practices has been responsible for profit and revenue growth in many modern businesses. The core concept of breaking down IT silos is so promising, but the world of DevOps can feel overwhelming without the right resources.

Solutions Review has compiled a collection of the premier DevOps blogs and news websites that we’re reading. Keeping track of the latest news, trends, and best practices can help you stay ahead of the competition.

For an even longer list of resources, check out our DevOps resource library, which features our collection of vendor-agnostic content, and is updated on a regular basis. quickly established itself as the prime resource for DevOps professionals at any level, or for people interested in exploring DevOps. The rules for their writers include being vendor neutral and that the content is always original. They won’t run any content that was published elsewhere. When looking to find information regarding DevOps, this site should near the top of your list.

Here you can find news, instructional information, and an abundance of useful resources. They claim that their site is the largest collection of original content related to DevOps on the web. They also host multiple webinars each month, which delve into various topics in the DevOps world.

Container Journal

DevOps and containers are often brought up in the same conversation. These two are not definitively intertwined, but containers offer key benefits that help DevOps practices. To perpetuate the bond between containers and DevOps, opened a sister site in 2015, Container Journal.

Container Journal’s goal is “to become an indispensable resource for education and information around container related computing, education and community building.” Like, Container Journal prides itself on being purely original content. They write in-depth features, breaking news and blog posts related to container technologies.


InformationWeek is a valued resource across various IT subjects. Their collection of resources help any IT team find the best strategies and tools for their specific organization. This publication has some top journalists, including John Edwards, who has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many other business and technology publications. InformationWeek is a voice that you can trust to deliver the most reliable news possible. Outside of DevOps, they also cover IT leadership, security, cloud, data management, and infrastructure. Each subject is useful for your DevOps team.


InfoWorld is a site within the IDG network. They focus on emerging enterprise technology and strive to be a resource for developers, architects, and business leaders. They cover far more than just DevOps, but they have up to date news, information, trends, and advice that can be useful for any DevOps professional.

IT Revolution

IT Revolution was founded in 2013 by Gene Kim, co-author of the popular novel, The Phoenix Project. The online description of the novel states, “Readers will not only learn how to improve their own IT organizations, they’ll never view IT the same way again.” This principle is what drives IT Revolution’s website.

IT Revolution is perfect for learning the benefits of DevOps. The site does not have the technical information available that you might find on other blogs. Instead, they work to gather stories from companies that have implemented DevOps. They publish this information for people interested in improving their IT efficiency and breaking down the IT silos.

The Register

The Register is an IT website with a lot of personality. Their slogan is “Biting the hand that feeds IT.” Some IT websites might take themselves too seriously, if you’re looking for some edge then The Register could be a great site for you to follow. The Register covers news, product reviews, and they have some instructional articles as well. They cover far more than just DevOps, but their DevOps page has valuable information in an entertaining package.

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