ActiveState Announces Plan for SaaS Platform Focused on DevSecOps

Source: ActiveState

ActiveState announces plans for a software as a service (SaaS) platform, with the goal of streamlining the entire development process while making it as secure as possible.

Secure DevOps or DevSecOps have been discussed to a large extent lately. This has certainly been true on this site as well. ActiveState’s announcement comes at an opportune time for teams hoping to add security to their DevOps culture. They hope to shift the security process left, which is the most efficient way for security to keep up with the increasing speed of software releases.

A press release from ActiveState states, “The Python runtime solution helps security teams keep pace with their development cycles without compromising security. There is a negligible impact on runtime performance and companies gain insight into the components of their open source programs from one central place.”

The platform includes reports on libraries, packages, and modules used in Python applications. This allows teams to reduce the amount of deployed code, leading to fewer attack surfaces. This is a simple way to improve security by shifting leftward,

The biggest concern DevOps teams have regarding security is how security slows down the development process. By building security into the language runtime, ActiveState provides a solution that works for companies hoping to keep the speed of their releases intact. As important as speed is, keeping your releases secure is at least as important.

ActiveState says this solution is a fundamental building block of their SaaS platform. The goal of their platform is to enable enterprises to keep up with the increasing pace of coding innovations. This is perfectly aligned with the goal of DevOps culture. They hope to break down silos by streamlining all the processes that development, operations, and security teams deal with every day.

ActiveState is offering early access to this Python runtime solution as well. This is a fantastic opportunity for companies looking to see if this platform will be beneficial for them.

We encourage you to read the release here.

Tyler W. Stearns

Tyler W. Stearns

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Tyler W. Stearns

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