Webinar: Best Steps in Achieving Long-Term DevOps Success

Webinar for Best Steps in Achieving Long-Term DevOps SuccessDevops.com is a great resource for learning from various industry professionals about DevOps success. Their regular webinars are useful for people with any level of background in DevOps.

Below is a webinar going over practical steps to successfully implement DevOps for your company. It includes experts from Forrester, CloudBees, Infostretch, and Perfecto.

Tyler W. Stearns

Tyler W. Stearns

Editor, DevOps & Network Monitoring at Solutions Review
Tyler is the lead editor at Solutions Review's Cloud and Network Monitoring sites. He writes to bridge the gap between consumer and technical expert to help readers understand what they're looking for. He studied English and film at the University of Massachusetts Boston. His passions outside of enterprise technology include film, screenwriting, games, swimming in rivers, mechanical keyboards, fun socks, ramen, and goats.
Tyler W. Stearns

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