What Advancements Could be Coming for DevOps Automation Tools?

Automating repetitive processes seems like a simple solution to reducing workloads. It frees up time for IT professionals and eliminates much of human error. There is a lot more to automation though, beyond its basic functions.

As amazing as automation is right now, it’s only going to get better. There seems to be a new tool or buzzword every month. Where does the future truly lie for automation though? What can enterprises expect?


Automation is a key component to DevOps. The primary drivers of automation today are machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning tools can keep track of find trends in analytics. They allow you to figure out what changes need to be made without doing extensive manual research. This gives your DevOps workers more opportunities to focus on crucial tasks.

Eliminating time-consuming tasks is what makes DevOps so attractive to enterprises. Automated root cause analysis, a component of network monitoring, gives your team the ability to fix problems without searching for them. Finding the root cause of a problem is incredibly monotonous and your IT professionals shouldn’t have to focus on this kind of task.

There are some automation tools, such as chaos-as-a-service solutions, that allow you to automate failure. You’ll be able to securely simulate outages to better prepare your network and cloud for specific attacks. This kind of insight allows your company to prepare efficiently.

The future of automation

Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera, recently spoke with SiliconANGLE and provided interesting insights into the direction of automation. What stood out most to me in this interview was that Olson recognizes the opportunity to automate decision.

Olson says, “In the ’90s and ’00s, the industry wrapped software around business processes. Over the next two decades, we’re going to wrap software around decisions, automating bets people are going to make.”

Human error is often the cause of any business, IT team, or even nation’s downfall. Look at Blockbuster, they almost bought failing Circuit City and they denied a $50million offer to buy Netflix. Those bets were failures. Perhaps automating bets would have taken care of this error.

This is obviously irrelevant to IT, but the point still stands. People will always make mistakes. Automated tools that can predict future outcomes is invaluable. Blockbuster would have recognized the numerous flaws in their business plans.

Technology making decisions for you might be far away, but there are tools that display its effectiveness. It’s like chaos-as-a-service being able to catch errors in the IT environment. It essentially predicts the future.

Tyler W. Stearns

Tyler W. Stearns

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Tyler W. Stearns

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