Sysdig, IBM Cloud Collaborating to Enhance Container Offerings

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Container intelligence company, Sysdig, Inc., recently announced it will be working with IBM to support the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform in IBM Cloud. The collaboration developed from users utilizing Sysdig’s offerings within the IBM Cloud. The intent is to create a more seamless experience for users. This announcement was first made at DockerCon North America alongside many other IBM announcements.

Containers are quickly growing in popularity alongside hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Maintaining a large cloud transformation or environment can be difficult without the right tools. Much of the work around containers is focused on the needs of developers or DevOps teams. Securing these workloads shouldn’t come down to a manual process when companies are working hard to release faster applications.

Cloud architectures are also growing in complexity, so it can be easy to neglect securing and operating applications. Sysdig offers security, monitoring, and forensics for containers and microservices, giving users the ability to view the health of their cloud applications and hybrid cloud architectures. This partnership allows IBM users to fully understand their containers. Developers are better able to develop, deploy, and secure cloud-native applications.

The benefits to using Sysdig with IBM Cloud Kubernetes are a faster time to production, increased operational efficiency, faster incident resolution, simplified compliance, service-based access control, and less time spent managing platforms. You can read more about these benefits here.

“IBM Cloud meets developers where they are in their cloud journey, no matter what stage they’re at in adoption, which tools they prefer or where their data resides,” said IBM Cloud’s Program Director, Chris Rosen. “Our new collaboration with Sysdig grows the range of options IBM Cloud developers have to easily and securely build with emerging cloud tools – such as containers, microservices, and serverless computing – while keeping data in their control and with the mix of scale and performance that works for them.”

“We’re proud to partner with IBM to soon bring the monitoring, security, and forensics capabilities of the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform deeper into the IBM Cloud,” stated CTO and founder of Sysdig, Loris Degioanni. “With our joint plans to deeply integrate the two offerings, our goal is to provide customers with seamless cloud-native security and monitoring on top of IBM Cloud’s already-powerful capabilities.”

Tyler W. Stearns

Tyler W. Stearns

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Tyler W. Stearns

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