Cloud Academy Skill Profiles – Harness Data to Close Tech Skill Gaps

Cloud Academy Skill Profiles - Harness Data to Close Tech Skill Gaps
Cloud Academy is a global enterprise cloud training platform that helps IT professionals learn valuable skills as they work to improve their cloud proficiencies. Today, the company announces the availability of a new platform capability designed to measure and visualize cloud skills at scale: Skill Profiles.

The press release states, “Skill Profiles enable senior leadership and corporate learning departments to take a quantified, data-driven approach to identify skill gaps, measuring the effectiveness of training, and aligning employees and teams to upcoming innovation projects.”

Cloud platforms are becoming more difficult to manage as tools grow in scope and complexity. It’s easy to see how powerful a cloud platform can be but getting there is the difficult part. Skill Profiles gives enterprises the ability to eliminate their skill gaps and build the most efficient cloud they can internally. As technologies change, IT skills must evolve.

“The speed and evolution of technology today has forced companies across all industries to become technology companies. Leaders at these companies are finally treating the human side of the equation as a business problem — organizations must understand, validate, and measure skillsets in the areas that are foundational to innovation,” said Stefano Bellasio, CEO, Cloud Academy. “Skill Profiles provides organizations the ability to visualize how employee’s competencies evolve over time, address skills gaps, and ultimately remain competitive.”

It can be difficult to fully understand what skills your team may be lacking. Skill Profiles are calculated out of 1,000 points and it allows users to see their progress, what they need to work on, and more. It even has a leaderboard within an organization, so employees see what they need to work on and who could potentially help.

The platform also comes with a tool called Knowledge Graph. Knowledge Graph predicts proficiencies users will have across topics and technologies. This allows IT employees to explore parallel skills and have a more fleshed out skillset.

You can read the full press release here.

Tyler W. Stearns

Tyler W. Stearns

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Tyler W. Stearns

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