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Eight Major Endpoint Security Trends For 2016


trends1Cybersecurity trends change at the bat of an eye. In order to protect against online threats, data security solutions must evolve and maintain persistent threat detection and find new ways to defend against cyber threats before they happen. Here are a few endpoint security trends to watch for in 2016.

Cloud services
As data integration gets a foothold in moving from ground to cloud more and more security services are offering products that leverage the cloud’s capacity to warehouse their data, in some instances, your business’s new cloud security solution will have you up and running in 20 minutes or less. If the thought of transitioning to cloud model seems too drastic, you’re not alone. The slogan, “One foot in the cloud and one foot on the ground”, describes the hybrid cloud model for businesses who may not be able to go ‘all in’, opting for a solution services built to support both.

Improved Personal Identification
Currently of the main concerns of cybersecurity policy is compromised user accounts and credentials. In order to guard against the misuse of user credentials, organizations commonly resort to multi-factor authentication protocols. While these policies make unauthorized entry more difficult, they are not foolproof, and adversely make systems harder to access and use for authorized personnel. To avoid this many organizations are likely to pursue personally identifiable information (PII) as a method of user authentication making data security more effective and easy-to-use.

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Businesses big and small are literally having their data held for ransom. Recently the Cyber Threat Alliance, cited CyrptoWall v3, a recent threat to have cost users worldwide more than $325 million so far. This type of cyber attack finds and encrypts important files making them inaccessible to users until a ransom is paid.
With many real-time security protection options, the threat of ransomware infiltrating your business can be diminished. Products like, Sentinel one, Bitdefender, and Symantec include this capability in their endpoint protection solutions.

Connected Everything- Internet of Things

With the acceleration of wireless transmission of sensor data between each other and computers, it’s no wonder that 2016 will see momentum with Internet of Things, a world of connectivity. With all of this additional connectivity means more points of entry for hackers looking for weak points in a network.

Smartphone-Centric Society

Speaking of connection- We will see Smartphones and mobile devices become the tool of choice for engaging in business and each other. Smartphones this year are poised to become more capable than ever before with faster graphics, better speeds, and even programs that allow devices to be trained by analyzing and classifying sound, location, and image. However, more endpoints means an increased need for security, as industries take advantage of conducting their business anywhere.

Shortage of Trained Security Talent/Women

“Only 11% of the world’s information security workforce are women, according to the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC) — a 501(c)3 non-profit passionate about helping and empowering women to succeed in the Cybersecurity field.”
The shortage of women in the cybersecurity workforce has lead to the creation of initiatives aimed at improving these statistics, because without striking a balance of men and women working information security, its products and services will apply and/or appeal to only one end of the spectrum.

While the volume of security alerts is increasing dramatically, almost 25 percent of small businesses have no one on staff dedicated to information security.

“The opportunity for the service provider is the security talent crunch. It is still hard to get qualified and experienced security talent,” says Scott Crawford, a former IBM security strategist who is now research director for security at 451 Research. “There is no shortage of interest among people who want to go into information security as a profession, but it will take more than being entry level to take on some of these more challenging aspects of security management. Until professionals build that level of expertise, companies need to have alternatives available.”

Machines That “Learn”

Monitoring users and account access and maintaining a secure ecosystem has been the primary focus of endpoint protection solutions, until now. Many solutions have begun focusing on monitoring actions between the machines themselves, in an effort to detect and react to suspicious activity. It is the goal now to train networked machines to become better at ‘sniffing out’ unauthorized activity. User credentials will remain a large piece of the puzzle, but more emphasis will be placed on machine and service-level capabilities.

Increase in Collaboration Within Cybersecurity Community

In order to better share and collaborate on security research and the newest threats, the security industry and stakeholders are utilizing tools, platforms and reconnaissance. As more organizations, and individual practitioners share information about best practices and emerging threats, the better prepared we will be as a community.

Good cyber threat intelligence leaves a company better positioned to respond more quickly and successfully to the breaches that all firms, without exception, eventually suffer. Protection, detection, and response are the bedrock of cyber security.

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