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Aptean Expands its Logistics Capabilities by Acquiring V-Technologies

Aptean V-Technologies
Aptean V-Technologies

Source: Aptean

Aptean recently announced the acquisition of V-Technologies, LLC, a provider of integrated shipping software solutions. V-Technologies will still work with its current partners and continue to provide solutions that support leading ERP systems. Meanwhile, Aptean will expand its capabilities by offering its customers V-Technologies’ shipping, delivery, and fulfillment capabilities.

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Aptean is a global provider of industry-specific software solutions for manufacturers and distributors specializing in over 20 markets. The company’s ERP, supply chain, manufacturing execution, transportation management, product lifecycle, customer experience, warehouse management, and other products can help businesses of all sizes scale and succeed in their industry of choice. Aptean provides its products with both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options to meet the needs of each client they work with.

The products offered by V-Technologies—StarShip and ShipGear—are designed to help companies improve their front office shipment visibility and bridge information gaps from the initial order to final delivery while boosting efficiency and reducing costly errors. As mentioned above, V-Technologies will still provide solutions to its existing clientele while also providing Aptean’s customers with its shipping software products and ERP integrations.

TVN Reddy, the CEO of Aptean, said the following in a statement: “With evolving sourcing needs and continued growth in e-commerce, the market is demanding faster, integrated shipping and fulfillment solutions. Our acquisition of V-Technologies will enable accelerated product development for current V-Technologies customers while expanding Aptean’s logistics capabilities and strengthening our value proposition. We look forward to welcoming V-Technologies’ talented employees to Aptean and continuing its long-standing, positive partnerships with national and regional carriers as we continue to provide customers with leading logistics solutions.”

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