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ECI Software Solutions Announces the Acquisition of eCommonSense

ECI Software Solutions eCommonSense
ECI Software Solutions eCommonSense

Source: ECI Software Solutions

ECI Software Solutions just announced the acquisition of Merchant Systems Group Limited, a U.K.-based company known for its eCommonSense platform. The transaction will help ECI expand its product suite with the functionalities of the eCommonSense product, which provides companies in the lumber, building, hardware, and various home supply dealer markets with a product data and e-commerce management solution.

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ECI Software Solutions is a provider of cloud-based technologies and industry-specific business software solutions. For over thirty years, the privately-held company has served small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale, retail, distribution, construction, and field service organizations. Services include a suite of implementation, consultations, management, analytics, support, and product-specific training to help business owners streamline their day-to-day operations.

eCommonSense was designed by a tradesman to meet the needs of the building material supply sector and was built to integrate with business management systems to help users improve efficiencies, profitability, and customer satisfaction. With the finalization of the transaction, ECI will welcome eCommonSense into its LBM and Hardline group of products. ECI will offer the e-commerce and data management platform to integrate with its cloud-based ERP solutions and as a standalone solution for global e-commerce needs.

Trevor Gruenewald, the CEO at ECI Software Solutions, says, “ECI’s vision is to be the world leader in vertically specific cloud software solutions while always delivering new value to our customers and the markets we serve. Adding eCommonSense to ECI’s portfolio and investing to grow it into a true global solution will allow us to give our customers—and the LBM industry—the eCommerce capabilities they need to stay competitive in today’s market.”

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