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Sage Launches Sage 20 for 20, a New Program for Accountant Partners

Sage 20 for 20
Sage 20 for 20

Source: Sage

Sage has launched a new partner program to help accountant partners grow their clientele and stay on top of the latest technology trends. Titled Sage 20 for 20, the program is described as an “accountant accelerator” designed to equip participating accounting partners with business development, scalable technology, and educational services available via the Sage Consulting Academy. The program was previously in pre-launch.

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Sage is a technology provider offering cloud business management solutions for worldwide small and medium-sized businesses in professional services, wholesale distribution, construction, manufacturing, nonprofit, and food and beverage. The company offers three ERP solutions—Sage 100, Sage 300, and SageX3—equipped with inventory management, HR, accounting, CRM, and more. Sage also has a network of partners that customers can use to further their goals.

Partners that enroll in Sage 20 for 20 will receive access to coaching and technology services in exchange for 20 customer referrals per quarter. The program can help growing accountant firms expand their client base and skillsets with robotic process automation (RPA), digital marketing, and SEO tools. Partners will also receive on-demand Sage University training courses, like Sage Consulting Academy, Sage Innovation, and Business Process Improvements (BPI) Consulting.

AZ Zabala, the Director of Accounts Sales and Strategy at Sage, says, “Following an initial soft launch with a handful of partners in November 2020, feedback on the program thus far is exceptional. Our partners are excited about the measurable impact and their ability to deliver more value to customers and mitigate costs. Sage 20 for 20 is also attracting the attention of technology and business advisors that have existing competitor relationships in the spirit of our larger mission to support and develop the community of accountants.”

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