The 8 Best ERP Solutions for Small Manufacturers

The 8 Best ERP Solutions for Small Manufacturers

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best ERP solutions for small manufacturers and similar businesses. Solutions are listed in alphabetical order.

The manufacturing industry is a vital part of the global economy, and different manufacturers need specialized ERP solutions to address their unique business needs. Massive corporations and entities require solutions that are complex and can connect the various aspects and segments of their business. For medium-sized and smaller manufacturers, it’s important for their ERP solutions to scale back in complexity and functionality while still providing usability and positively impacting their overall manufacturing processes. Features like inventory management, shop floor control, price estimation, weight analysis, and more are just as important for smaller manufacturers. If your company is looking for an upgrade, here are the 8 best ERP solutions for small manufacturers available on the market right now.

Aquilon Software was founded in 2006 and since then has been developing, implementing, and supporting ERP systems. Aquilon’s ERP modules for manufacturing management are ideal for small and mid-sized growing manufacturers. The manufacturing modules seamlessly integrate end to end processes and departments from start to finish. From MRP to financial management and CRM, the manufacturing modules provide a complete solution to support you and can make your business more productive, competitive, and responsive to your customers’ needs.

Cetec ERP is a standard cloud ERP software platform for small and midsized manufacturing companies. Cetec provides an all-in-one ERP solution with everything from sales and quoting to inventory management, document management, shop floor control, quality management, and financial accounting. Cetec ERP’s powerful design and modern delivery make it unique among its peers, providing your business with a platform to increase both capacity and efficiency. The company is comprised of a team of seasoned accounting, operations, and manufacturing veterans based in Austin, TX.

ECI offers solutions for manufacturers and distributors across multiple verticals, including machinery, aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, and electronics. This vendor delivers a low-cost, high-value software solution that enables its users to build an efficient and streamlined manufacturing operation. It offers a variety of features and functionality including bill of material, inventory management, manufacturing cost accounting, master scheduling, material requirements planning, production order processing, shop floor control, standard costing, and standard product routing.

KeyedIn Solutions delivers powerful results in critical areas like project management and custom manufacturing to specialized vertical markets offered to support the needs of both small-to-medium size businesses and large multi-national corporations. KeyedIn Manufacturing is a cloud-based ERP solution specifically designed for custom, make-to-order, and mixed-mode manufacturers. The solution offers manufacturers a tool that can be customized to unique processes using a configurable technology platform. With KeyedIn Manufacturing, users have complete visibility over the manufacturing process including CRM, estimating, purchasing, production, shop floor, shipping, financial and more.

Founded in 2000, MRPeasy is committed to helping small manufacturers grow and compete through access to sophisticated material requirements planning capabilities previously only available to big companies. In 2010 MRPeasy realized that cloud technology had advanced to a point where mission-critical software systems could be delivered via the Internet. Today, the company provides cloud-based manufacturing ERP software that helps you to implement the best-in-class manufacturing processes, and allows you to focus on growing your business.

NorthScope offers an ERP solution that’s particularly useful for organizations within the food manufacturing industry. Food manufacturing solutions are often difficult to use, inefficient, and slow; they require several implementations, add-ons, and can be extremely expensive to customize. NorthScope helps small businesses avoid these kinds of complications and irritations. Key features include weight items, delivered freight management, lot tracing & recall, multi-currency, price lists, product ownership, sales contracts, workflow, project accounting, and much more.

Starting with automotive metalforming in 2001, Plex Systems expanded to support a wide range of discrete manufacturing operations across many industries. Plex now supports more than 570 organizations and 1,900 production facilities in 22 countries around the world. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP solution is designed for manufacturers to meet marketplace challenges and manage a successful business. Their ERP platform operationalizes procedures and creates a modern platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Plex offers the only ERP solution built from the ground up in the cloud and focused exclusively on manufacturing.

Shoptech Software is a provider of best-in-class manufacturing software for your shop. The E2 Manufacturing System MFG product is designed for discrete manufacturers utilizing Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock, Assemble-To-Order and Mixed-Mode processes Included in E2 MFG are capabilities such as quick and accurate quoting, real-time data collection, CRM, MRP and material forecasting, tight inventory control, and much more. Shoptech also takes the responsibility of hosting your data very seriously, and has partnered with Rackspace to guarantee the safety and of your cloud data.

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