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The Best Supply Chain Network Software Solutions to Consider

Supply Chain Network

Supply Chain Network

The Solutions Review editors have compiled the following list to spotlight some supply chain network software solutions that companies should consider working with. Our editors gathered this information via online materials, reports, product demonstrations, conversations with vendor representatives, and free trial examinations.

Supply chain management is a complex process requiring various skills and experience in multiple fields. It encompasses the entire process, from sourcing raw materials and components to providing the finished product to the customer. Managing a supply chain is no easy feat, especially when it comes to designing a supply chain network. These networks help organizations define the overall framework of their supply chain, enabling them to assess the time and costs of bringing goods to the intended markets.

However, finding the right software for developing a supply chain network is easier said than done. To help your company equip itself with the resources it needs to create agile networks, the Solutions Review editors compiled a list spotlighting some of the market’s top-rated supply chain network solutions. The list is organized alphabetically.

The Best Supply Chain Network Software Solutions

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder - logo

Description: Blue Yonder is a global provider of digital supply chain and omnichannel commerce fulfillment services to retail, consumer, automotive, third-party logistics (3PL), and high-tech organizations. Alongside its Luminate Planning solution, Blue Yonder offers a Supply Chain Network Design solution designed to help organizations redesign and optimize their networks to maximize customer service, improve sustainability, reduce operating costs, improve the bottom line, and more. Capabilities include end-to-end network design tools, KPI reporting, what-if analysis, multiple currency support, dynamic segmentation, and a flexible network modeling paradigm.

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Description: e2open is a connected supply chain software platform designed to help global companies identify opportunities, reduce waste, operate sustainably, anticipate disruptions, and improve how they make, move, and sell their goods and services. As part of its Supply solution suite, e2open offers the Supply Network Discovery product, a platform to help brand owners and their supply partners share information, assess risks, and ensure supply is where it needs to be. Its features enable users to visualize their supply networks, ensure compliance with supply partners, share data across supply networks, increase visibility into at-risk suppliers, and more.

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Description: GAINSystems is a supply chain planning and design solution designed to help manufacturing, distribution, retail, and MRO businesses optimize inventory, improve service levels, forecast demand, and make smarter supply chain decisions. For example, its supply chain planning platform can help organizations embed efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability into the core of their supply chain network. The cloud-native solution is best suited for supply chain design, demand planning, forecasting, inventory optimization, replenishment planning, order promising, production management, S&OP, and transportation strategy use cases.

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Infor - logo

Description: Infor is a global provider of cloud-based software solutions for the manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, public sectors, energy, healthcare, hospitality, and service industries. The business applications Infor offers are specialized by industry and are built to give users everything they need to run day-to-day operations and grow their businesses long-term. Its supply chain management platform is Infor Nexus, which is designed to help global organizations streamline their operations, eliminate inefficiencies, extract data-driven insights, maintain a resilient supply chain, orchestrate global processes, and connect companies and their partners on a single, digital supply chain network.

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Description: Kinaxis is a global supply chain management software created to help businesses of all sizes orchestrate their end-to-end supply chain network, from creating multi-year strategies to last-mile deliveries. The company’s suite of applications covers multiple supply chain use cases, including management, optimization, and execution. For example, its Concurrent Execution solution enables companies to drive end-to-end visibility across the enterprise, streamline full order lifecycles, collaborate across multi-tier partners, and optimize processes across inventory, order, logistics, and transportation management.

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Description: Logility is a supply chain planning solution provider that uses AI and advanced analytics technologies to help organizations automate planning, increase precision, improve operating performance, unlock deeper visibility, eliminate business silos, and accelerate cycle times. With its Network Optimization solution, Logility empowers companies to develop optimal network configurations, build operational resiliency, make preemptive adjustments to networks to mitigate potential supply chain disruptions, determine total landed costs, and maintain a scalable network design for their end-to-end supply chain decision-making.

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Description: OMP works with global companies in consumer goods, life sciences, chemicals, metals, and process manufacturing verticals. Its Unison Planning solution covers a range of supply chain planning efforts, including network modeling, reporting, detailed scheduling, multi-enterprise planning, demand management, network design, data management, planning decision alignment, and S&OP. With its supply chain network design capabilities, companies can generate smart business scenarios, use intuitive visuals to extract data insights, speed up decision-making processes with easy-to-interpret reports, optimize conflicting business objectives, produce actionable scenarios, and more.

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Oracle - logo

Description: Oracle is a cloud technology company providing organizations worldwide with various computing infrastructures and software products designed to help them innovate their business, unlock new efficiencies, and improve efficiency. With the Oracle Supply Chain Planning suite, companies have access to demand management, supply planning, replenishment planning, backlog management, production scheduling, supply chain collaboration, integrated business planning, S&OP, and supply chain visibility capabilities. These features empower organizations to improve their supply chain decision-making, predict future challenges, and maintain an optimized network with their partners.

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o9 Solutions

Description: o9 Solutions provides an AI and knowledge-powered planning platform to companies across manufacturing, retail, distribution, and retail industries looking to transform their supply chain, finance, commercial, and sustainability decision-making. Its supply chain master planning software can help organizations of all sizes utilize advanced data management, rapid what-if scenario planning, high-performance demand/supply match solvers, and agile S&OP capabilities to maintain distribution, manufacturing, and procurement visibility. The company’s solution suite also includes supply chain analytics, production scheduling, supply chain control tower, and Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) offerings.

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Description: SAP, the German software giant, provides businesses with its SAP S/4HANA next-generation ERP software, offering robust functionality across some industries, including manufacturing, services, retail, wholesale distribution, and more. For example, the SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration solution is designed to help companies collaborate with their trading partners on a single, networked platform that streamlines business planning, automation efforts, and inventory visibility. Specific capabilities include automated procurement transactions, quality control, digitalized collaboration tools, inventory level management, plan-driven process automation, manufacturing collaboration, and more.

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