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The Top ERP Consulting Firms to Consider for Your Next ERP Project

The Top ERP Consulting Firms to Consider for Your Next ERP Project

The Top ERP Consulting Firms to Consider for Your Next ERP Project

Our editors have compiled a list of the best ERP consulting firms based on each provider’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites, and our proprietary five-point inclusion criteria. 

Selecting, implementing, and maintaining an ERP platform is one of the most important and valuable steps an organization can take. However, the process is rarely straightforward, especially if an organization lacks the technical insight and experience to launch the platform smoothly. This is why many businesses turn to ERP consulting firms, as they can augment a company’s in-house expertise with catered services around software selection, comparison, implementation, maintenance, upgrades, and more.

If a company is looking for an ERP solution, these top-rated ERP consulting firms are uniquely situated to help the onboarding process go as smoothly as possible. All businesses have been listed in alphabetical order for convenience’s sake.

The Top ERP Consulting Firms


Cognizant - logo

Description: Capgemini is a global consulting, technology, and digital transformation services provider that works with organizations in banking, automotive, education, consumer goods, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and other industries. Its team of digital and industry experts provides business consulting services to help clients drive their digital transformation initiatives, unlock actionable insights, digitize processes, develop a technology roadmap, and more. Cognizant is also partnered with leading technology providers, including Microsoft, Oracle, Pega, Salesforce, SAP, and Google Cloud.

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Description: ElevatIQ is an independent group of ERP consultants that provide clients with a vendor-agnostic approach to digital transformation, software selection, implementation, and integration services. The company’s expertise spans multiple fields, including digital commerce, ERP, data models, supply chain, enterprise architecture, digital transformation, and business technology advisory services. Its suite of ERP services covers strategy development, software selection, contract negotiation, implementation, change management, project recovery, and software optimization.

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ERP Advisors Group

Description: ERP Advisors Group is an enterprise software consultancy that works with companies across the manufacturing, distribution, energy, mining, technology, and professional services industries. Alongside its ERP expertise, the independent consultancy can also help clients select and implement financial, budgeting, subscription billing, CRM, e-commerce, HCM, project management, point-of-sale, business intelligence, warehouse management, manufacturing execution, and other industry-specific technology solutions. Other services include needs assessments, data migrations, cost-benefit analyses, contract negotiations, and more.

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Merino Consulting Services BV

Description: Merino Consulting Services is a global business consultancy and IT services provider that provides value-added services to clients in complex manufacturing environments across the automotive, aerospace and defense, high-tech industrial machinery, energy, utilities, and industrial services markets in the USA, Canada, Europe, South-East Asia, Middle East, and India. The company’s team of consultants and software experts can help companies align their business processes, optimize their operations, and implement enterprise software (like Infor and IFS).

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Panorama Consulting

Description: Panorama Consulting Group is an independent ERP consulting firm. The company offers an extensive suite of services, providing companies with everything from software expert witnesses to management consulting, financial restructuring, turnaround analysis, and enterprise software consulting. Its ERP consulting services include software selection, technology assessments, implementation, contract negotiation, digital strategy, project auditing, recovery, and customizable ERP system training.

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Pemeco Consulting

Description: Pemeco is an independent consulting and implementation services firm specializing in ERP and enterprise technology transformation projects. With over forty years of experience, the Pemeco team can help companies of all sizes—from high-growth start-ups to global multinationals—deliver successful digital transformation projects. Its services include ERP selection, technology implementation, process improvement, ERP optimization, risk management, contract negotiations, insights into Industry 4.0, enterprise architecture, and digital strategy.

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Description: SoftArt Solutions is a vendor-agnostic ERP service provider with twenty years of experience working with clients in industries like Industrial Manufacturing, Financial Services, High Tech Electronics, Insurance, and others. The company specializes in ERP selection, implementation, customization, support, cloud migration, training, and continued support services. It also has expertise with Oracle’s technology stack and can provide companies in that ecosystem with functional consulting, DBA support, security, and compliance services.

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Third Stage Consulting

Description: Third Stage Consulting helps clients implement their ERP software and digital transformation initiatives with digital strategy, organizational change management, business process management, project management, and software selection services. Third Stage Consulting’s team of thought leaders, practitioners, and recognized experts help clients discover whether they need an ERP system and, if needed, develop an implementation timeline that covers everything from software selection to deployment, data integration, testing, continuous improvement, and change management.

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Ultra Consultants

Description: Ultra Consultants is an independent research, advisory, and ERP consulting firm specializing in guiding manufacturing and distribution companies through digital and business transformation initiatives. Its services include enterprise technology selection, contract negotiations, business process improvement, change management, data conversion, software implementation, quality control, and business value realizations designed to help its industry-specific clientele plan, measure, and deliver business performance and profitability improvements.

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Description: Vision33 is a global technology service and solutions provider for growing companies in the private and public sectors. Alongside its consultant and managed services, Vision33 also offers ERP-specific services around strategy development, execution, business process improvement, implementation, project management, change management, data migration, performance analytics, training sessions, and post-implementation support. The company specializes in the SAP ecosystem, offering platform-specific services for SAP S/4HANA, Business One, and Business ByDesign.

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