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Top WorkTech News From the Week of October 13th: Updates from SYSPRO, Camunda, airSlate, and More

WorkTech News October 13th

WorkTech News October 13th

The editors at Solutions Review have curated this list of the most noteworthy WorkTech news from the week of October 13th. This round-up covers announcements and updates from companies like SYSPRO, Camunda, airSlate, and more.

Keeping tabs on the most relevant ERP and BPM news can be time-consuming. As a result, our editorial team aims to summarize the week’s top headlines in the enterprise technology marketplace. The Solutions Review editors will compile a weekly round-up of vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy WorkTech information. With that in mind, here is some of the top WorkTech news for October 13th.

Top WorkTech News From the Week of October 13th, 2023

airSlate Acquires Instapage

airSlate, a business productivity and automation solution provider, has acquired Instapage, which helps marketers create custom landing pages with scalable solutions. The acquisition will help airSlate expand its product portfolio, enabling it to help companies improve digital advertising outcomes and automate the creation of personalized landing pages designed for high conversion rates. Once the purchase is complete, Instapage will continue to operate as a business unit beneath the airSlate umbrella.

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Bizagi Details its New Generative AI Functionalities

Bizagi, a low-code process automation and enterprise application provider, has announced details of its AI strategy. The company has incorporated generative AI assistance directly into the apps available on its platform. With these conversational analytics and AI functionalities, users can ask questions about the data in their applications, identify insights, boost productivity, analyze customer interactions and sentiment, and leverage out-of-the-box connectors for both OpenAI and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

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BMC Expands the Capabilities of its BMC HelixGPT Solution

BMC, a global Autonomous Digital Enterprise solution provider, has expanded its generative AI capabilities and plans to embed them into its entire service and operations management portfolio. For example, the BMC HelixGPT solution is designed to connect and distill data sources across organizations, provide users with plain-language insights for autonomous resolution, and connect AIOps, DevOps, and ServiceOps. BMC HelixGPT is powered by large-language models that support additional use cases like conversational engagement, virtual agent communication, self-service experiences, incident summaries, resolution insights, and best-action recommendations.

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Camunda Extends its Process Orchestration and Integration Offerings

Camunda, a business process solution provider, has expanded its process orchestration and integration capabilities with the release of Camunda 8.3. The new update includes multi-tenancy on Camunda Self-Managed to help users scale to higher enterprise automation levels and access third-party endpoints and integrations on the Camunda Connectors marketplace. Additional capabilities include AI form generation, automated human workflows, and the Web Modeler API, designed to allow users to integrate process diagrams in existing CI/CD workflows to optimize delivery cadences.

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Conga Introduces New Advances to its Revenue Lifecycle Management Solutions

Conga, a revenue lifecycle management solution provider, has announced new features to Conga Sign and Conga Composer, its electronic signature and document generation products. Conga Sign and Conga Composter, hosted on the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, will give users additional flexibility to use Conga’s solution on various interfaces. The enhancements include an updated web application, a Salesforce connector, and APIs that brands can embed directly into a website, application, or online portal.

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ECI Software Solutions Releases a Mobile App for its ThermoGrid Solution

ECI Software Solutions, a cloud-based business management software, has launched a mobile app for ThermoGrid, a contractor management software for small and mid-sized businesses in the HVAC, residential, contracting, and electrical markets. The new mobile app will be an extension of ECI’s ThermoGrid cloud application and allow technicians to update job information, generate invoices, upload photos and notes, and accept on-the-spot credit card and e-check payments, all from one mobile platform. The app is included in the free, 14-day trial for ThermoGrid’s cloud application.

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Paystand Announces an Integrated Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Paystand, a B2B payments platform provider, has announced a new integrated solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central portfolio of business applications. The new integration will provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users with a Payments-as-a-Service mode that’s entirely digital and intuitive. These users can incentivize customers to pay sooner with automated Paystand features and embedded “pay now” buttons, which can help eliminate manual AR processes, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and expedite time-to-cash, all with zero fees.

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Sage Expands its Construction Cloud Solution Suite

Sage, a software provider for small and medium-sized businesses, has expanded its construction cloud suite. With the launch of Sage Construction Management, the company added new cloud preconstruction and project management capabilities to its construction portfolio. The new solution is designed to help field, office, and external teams share real-time project information and make faster, more informed decisions. Sage Construction Management will be offered alongside Sage Intacct Construction Financials in an end-to-end suite for operational and finance teams.

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SAP Launches New AI and User Experience Updates for its Solutions

SAP has announced several new business AI and user experience (UX) innovations for its spend management and business network solutions. These additions, announced at the SAP Spend Connect Live event in Vienna, will help users control costs, maximize productivity, and mitigate risks. Other announcements include the SAP Ariba Category Management, Expense Payment Manager, and SAP Spend Control Tower solutions alongside embedded AI-powered functionalities in SAP’s supplier risk assessment, Ariba Sourcing, and other use cases.

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Solutions Review is Hosting Nexthink for a Solutions Spotlight Event on November 14th

On November 14th, Solutions Review will be hosting another Solutions Spotlight webinar event with Nexthink. In the webinar, Nexthink will provide viewers tips on scaling your company’s end-user computing (EUC) teams with Nexthink’s automation, continuous orchestration, and digital employee experience (DEX) capabilities. Alongside a live product demo, the Spotlight event will also feature insights from Katharine Dahl, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Luis Dunn, a Solution Consultant from Nexthink.

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SYSPRO and SugarCRM Announce a New Integration Partnership

SYSPRO, a global ERP software provider, has partnered with SugarCRM, an AI-driven CRM platform. The partnership will provide mid-market manufacturers and distributors with an integrated ERP and CRM platform that enables companies to improve how they align their front and back offices, helping them optimize inventory management, drive revenue, and streamline supply chain and manufacturing operations. It will also deliver two-way information sharing between the platforms, allowing sales teams to access real-time ERP data, check product availability, prevent stockouts, and provide customers with accurate updates.

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