2014 Predictions for IAM from ForgeRock

Identity and Access Management 2014 Predictions ForgeRockVice President of Marketing for ForgeRock, Daniel Raskin outlines a few predictions for 2014 that will shape how the Identity and Access Management (IAM) landscape will change. The three predictions provided revolve around how traditional IAM approaches will need to adapt due to new technology and capabilities from both internal and external sources. Here is a quick recap.

“Companies and CIOs will move their focus and investment from internal identity to external identity, driving top line revenue and new business models”

Here Raskin suggests that the old mindset of IAM has been to keep things out of an organizations network entirely referring to it as a “castle defense model”. If you can’t get in then you can’t hurt us. Raskin says that this will change as organizational revenues are beginning to hinge on letting the consumer, prospect or stakeholder into the organization. This new approach will still need to be secured and identified which will lead to “ a change in the technical values of identity systems will occur. New systems will need to manage data at Internet scale, while addressing a border free world that must support identity anywhere on any device and at any time.”

Cloud, SaaS and mobile adoption will need identity platforms that are contextual and able to make decisions in real-time”

New technologies always bring a new level of security concerns for the enterprise. Today’s new technologies are no different and with cloud, SaaS and mobile devices being so prevalent in the enterprise traditional IAM approaches will have to shift in order to deal with the new levels of complexity these different platforms bring. Raskin writes, “ In this new business environment, real-time decisions must be based on context and relationships, rather than static role-based access control. For example, if a user is logging in to from an atypical device, they may need to go through a multi-factor authentication process to add additional layers of security, while assuring that the user with proper credentials is able to access the information without delay from the device of their choice.”

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