The Best One Identity Tutorials on YouTube in 2022


The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list to spotlight some of the best One Identity tutorials on YouTube to introduce users to the features, installation, and real-world applications of One Identity’s services.

Privileged access management is an information security solution that categorizes, safeguards, and tracks users with special access beyond regular users in an IT environment. Whether in small or large systems, maintaining the security of privileged accounts is an essential step in keeping enterprise assets safe. Should confidential information fall into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous for any company. With that being said, being adept in the installation, features, and practical uses of PAM systems is an essential tool in any IT department’s tool bag.

One Identity has been recognized as a leader in the PAM space in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant report. But mastering PAM tools like those offered by One Identity is no small feat. With that in mind, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list to spotlight some of the best One Identity YouTube tutorials. Whether for installation, feature showcases, or real-life applications, these videos highlight important aspects of One Identity’s suite of tools. These videos are the highest-rated and most popular on YouTube for the subject matter. They are from One Identity’s internal help team—from One Identity by Quest—covering the essential aspects of their product.

The Best One Identity Tutorials on YouTube

One Identity Manager | Overview #1 | Adm vs. IGA

Author: One Identity by Quest

Description: As part of their tutorial series, this is the first video on the manager functions of One Identity. One of the most important aspects of a PAM system is differentiating and properly managing higher security clearances than an average user. This video provides an overview of what increased clearance looks like for a user and real-world examples of its utility.

One Identity Manager | Scripting #1 | The API – Scripting Environments

Author: One Identity by Quest

Description: For those on the backend of PAM solutions, this video is an introduction to scripting in One Identity’s solutions. From outlining the scripting environment to the object browser to data visualization tools, this guide helps users in the preliminary scripting stages.

One Identity Manager | Overview #2 | Key-features

Author: One Identity by Quest

Description: Knowing is half the battle, and this tutorial video outlines the key features for managers in One Identity’s PAM system. Some of the features explained are identity profile management, user lifecycle management, and approval workflows. The well-laid-out slideshow provides a visualization of One Identity’s features.

One Identity Manager | Overview #4 | Identity Deactivation and Password Change

Author: One Identity by Quest

Description: Managing identities in an IT system is one of the most important ways to maintain security and the cornerstone of a PAM systems utility. This guide walks users through activating new and deactivating old identities and managing password changes. Additionally, this guide uses a fully realized One Identity system to walk through these processes, suitable for those who already have One Identity set up on their system.

One Identity Manager | Overview #9 | Configuration Overview

Author: One Identity by Quest

Description: Coming near the end of One Identity’s manager tutorial series, this video is helpful for users who have completed the basic software installation and are curious about customization and configuration. Every business is different, and One Identity’s PAM software is highly configurable for this purpose. From configuring business data to the web portal, One Identity has a strong emphasis on customization.

One Identity Manager | Scripting #16 | Value Templates – FAQ

Author: One Identity by Quest

Description: This later episode of One Identity’s series on scripting is the first part of a two-part series on value templates. It begins with a helpful Q+A section on value templates while later delving into more advanced applications of templates and scripting.

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