DoControl provides SaaS data access control

From DoControl

The SaaS market is booming, with new corporate customers signing up and new applications coming to market apace. Security for so much SaaS usage is thus a vital requirement, and one approach to addressing it is to start with the data: find out where it resides, who can access it, and where else it can flow to. Once an organization has achieved that comprehensive view of its cloud data landscape, it can start to remediate issues, such as reining in excessive permissions/access rights and terminating data sharing that it deems unnecessary or risky. These are the kinds of actions that the DoControl platform enables.

The SaaS security market is also undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment, with multiple vendors, many of them start-ups, offering data security or access control/management to supplement or replace the old-school approaches of cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and data loss prevention (DLP). DoControl is very much in the data-centric camp, which is attracting considerable attention both from the VC community and end user organizations. This vendor’s approach of building a full inventory then updating it with continuous monitoring, plus alerting on anomalies and no-code workflows for remediation, positions it to conquer a significant share of this emerging segment.


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