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Four Mandatory Capabilities for Insider Risk Management Platforms

Insider Risk management

Insider Risk management

Insider threats are on the rise. From 2020 to 2021, insider incidents saw a 44 percent increase, with an average of around $15.38M spent to deal with the repercussions of these threats. The editors at Solutions Review recognize a need for Insider Risk Management platforms and look at the four mandatory capabilities enterprises should expect in a platform.

Today’s increasingly digital age, along with the surge in remote work, has created a heightened awareness of insider risks among security and risk management leaders. As more organizations look to cloud technologies and SaaS applications to drive their business and become more agile, they need to ensure they are effectively mitigating the risk of insider threats.

Not every insider risk becomes an insider threat; however, every insider threat started as an insider risk. When choosing an insider risk management platform, these are the four absolute must-have capabilities to look for.

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The Four Mandatory Capabilities for Enterprise Insider Risk Management Platforms

Orchestration with Another Cybersecurity Platform (including SOAR)

The insider risk management platform should send logs, intervention workflow, execution summaries, and custom incidents to SIEM. For SOAR, the solution ties external remediation paths to trigger SOAR playbooks.

Monitoring of Employee Activity and Assimilating Into a Behavior-Based Risk Model

The insider risk management platform should aggregate and correlate all SaaS users and activities by leveraging SaaS metadata sources to monitor and control all activities throughout the SaaS estate.

Dashboarding and Alerting of High-Risk Activity

The insider risk management platform should conduct end-user behavioral analytics to establish a baseline of standard business activity and automatically notify security teams of potential insider threats.

Orchestration and Initiation of Intervention Workflow

The insider risk management platform should allow for data access control policies (i.e., intervention workflows) to be applied consistently throughout the environment, preventing the loss, leakage, and misuse of sensitive company data.

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