Saving It From Cybersecurity Burnout

From ManageEngine

A Global 500 company will be exposed for burning out its cybersecurity employees – Forrester’s 2023 prediction With massive layoffs around the corner, IT departments across sectors face the risk of getting flooded with repetitive, mundane, and code-heavy tasks. Performing such tasks manually can result in operational stress, fatigue, and eventually, cybersecurity burnout. Cybersecurity burnout makes organizations prone to decreased levels of productivity and worse, human errors. These effects can be costly, especially with social engineering attacks on the rise. To prevent SOC and administrative teams from exhaustion, organizations should deploy solutions that encourage better collaboration, delegation, and productivity by eliminating redundant efforts.

Key takeaways include:
● Cybersecurity burnout, its causes and effects
● Why organizations must act towards reducing cybersecurity burnout
● The role of technology in preventing exhaustion
● How ManageEngine ADManager Plus aids burnout prevention amongst IT teams


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