Typing Biometrics and Other Multi-Factor Authentication Methods

From Optimal IdM

Password policy and hygiene have long challenged even the best I.T. shops. It is not just end users who are to blame for using weak and reused passwords, phishing scams and storing passwords where they can easily be accessed are culprits. I.T. also bears responsibility for not properly, monitoring and securing their Identity Provider (IdP), usually Active Directory (A.D.) as well as the lack of enforcement and visibility into security measures to properly protect passwords.

Many of today’s security threats target user passwords/PINs. Username + Password (U/P) requires only one secret – the password. Password/PINs as the only secret to access resources (applications, files, objects, etc.) are insufficient security for access to most resources. They represent a single point of vulnerability.

The I.T. Security industry recognizes that username and password combinations as a single source of authentication are inadequate authentication methods for access to important resources.


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