How to Extend Identity Security to Your APIs

From Ping Identity

The enterprise has changed. As new technologies have emerged, the ways that information and services are delivered have followed suit. Advancements like mobile apps and APIs allow us to live and work more efficiently, and experience a level of digital freedom that would have been hard to imagine just 10 years ago.

Technology advancements have also resulted in more users and devices—collectively referred to as identities—for enterprises to manage. As the number and types of identities only continues to grow, IT professionals must find new ways to support these identities without jeopardizing security.

The need to provide and govern access to all of these users and devices has contributed to the proliferation of APIs. By making some parts of an application’s internal logic, functions and data available to outside clients in a constrained fashion, APIs allow that application’s functionality and value to be shared among multiple clients of that API. As a result, a variety of different applications made available through APIs can be mixed and matched to create completely new services and applications—and faster than ever before.


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