The 15 Top CIAM Providers of 2019

The 15 Top CIAM Providers of 2019

Who are the 15 top CIAM Providers of 2019? What services and capabilities can they offer your consumer-facing enterprise?  

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) provides necessary identity security for both the customer-facing enterprise and for the customers. As such, CIAM offers many of the same protections as an employee-oriented IAM solution. These include defenses against credential abuse and identity theft, Single Sign-On, authentication protocols, Active directory, and much more. 

However, CIAM must inevitably face challenges wholly unlike those faced by traditional identity management solutions. Identity and access management only needs to provide strong identity security throughout the login process and across business processes; convenience necessarily can and should take a back seat.

Meanwhile, CIAM must juggle those security demands with the needs of the customers, who have different needs than your employees. Yes, customers need their personal identifying information secured just as much as employees. In fact, customers often abandon enterprises that they feel can’t protect their data. 

However, they simultaneously demand a smooth, pleasant user experience—a requirement not met by traditional identity solutions; customers have also been known to abandon their carts mid-shopping due to a poor UX. 

Thus, CIAM steps in to balance identity management capabilities that maintain security while still fostering a positive user experience. To help you find a solution that fits your business, we present the 15 Top CIAM Providers of 2019!  We list them below in alphabetical order: 

The 15 Top CIAM Providers of 2019

HID Global

HID GlobalHID Global offers specialized identity solutions for retail and hospitality businesses. Additionally, their Identity Manager can accommodate different IT needs and infrastructures, allowing for scalability. Crossmatch is well known for its granular authentication capabilities, which can help address the gap between customer security and user experience.

Fischer Identity

Fischer IdentityFischer Identity offers self-service identity management, which can eliminate lengthy ticketing systems; after all, these, in turn, can ruin the user experience. Further, Fischer allows enterprises to automate some end-user access requests while still maintaining proper governance over their customers’ permissions. They also offer unique ways to deploy single sign-on capabilities.


ForgeRockForgeRock’s open-source IAM product can help your enterprise with its CIAM needs via modern authentication methods. Where ForgeRock shines as one of the top CIAM providers of 2019 is its focus on utilizing CIAM to enable AI and IoT initiatives. By doing so, ForgeRock works to help IT agility and ensure proper staffing and training levels.   


Top CIAM Providers 2019 FusionAuthFusionAuth explicitly presents itself as a single tenant CIAM solution for both web and mobile applications. As one of the top CIAM providers of 2019, it can secure both on-premises and private customer cloud environments with authentication and RBAC. Also, FusionAuth integrates with multiple operating systems and programming languages for flexible deployment.   


Idaptive top CIAM providers 2019Since spinning out from Centrify to focus on IDaaS and Zero Trust, Idaptive has earned a spot on this list of top CIAM providers of 2019. Notably, Idaptive uses an Adaptive MFA capability which monitors behaviors and context across applications to ensure authenticity with minimal interference in transactions. They also employ real-time security analytics.   

Identity Automation

identity automation Identity Automation offers RapidIdentity, which can help retailers and other consumer-facing businesses with all of their users’ identities. This includes ensuring automated lifecycle management and securely managing customer identities in an omnichannel environment. Identity Automation also offers MFA and password management. 


NetIQ identity and access management platformsOwned by Micro Focus, NetIQ provides a scalable CIAM solution with strong identity governance capabilities. Specifically, their Access Management offers a streamlined identity management solution that works to secure web access without requiring excessive security demands.  


okta identity and access management platformsOkta offers a significant suite of capabilities for processing and securing customer identities; these include frictionless logins, centralized administration, social sign-in, single sign-on to third-party applications, and passwordless authentication. Also, Okta offers identity solutions described as lightweight and scalable with contextual access policies.   


omada top CIAM providers 2019Omada offers its CIAM platform as a means to obtain the same level of security for your external and internal identities. As such, they provide seamless access to digital services and the ability to personalize your services to fit your customer needs. Further, Omada offers a unified customer view for centralized control.    

Optimal IdM

As one of the top CIAM providers of 2019, Optimal IdM notes the importance of maintaining a consistent user experience across all devices. At the same time, Optimal IdM also offers service management to help your overworked IT tram as well as 24/7 support. Additionally, they offer their unique Non-Synchronizing Virtual Directory. 


salesforce identity and access management platformsPerhaps the inclusion of Salesforce onto a list of top CIAM providers of 2019 proves unsurprising; after all, they primarily market and design their solution as a customer relationship platform. However, Salesforce also offers a cloud-based user directory and cloud-based authentication for customers with granular controls. Also, they help with user provisioning. 


saviyntSaviynt works to bring disparate identity security platforms and capabilities together under a centralized management tool, a boon to enterprises struggling to deal with customer influxes. They offer identity analytics and facilitate importing data from other applications to ensure real-time security. Finally, Saviynt offers strong IGA capabilities.  


SecureAuthSecureAuth’s approach to CIAM emphasizes securing customer engagement through a “just right” identity security friction approach. Therefore, they offer consumer-facing enterprises choice of deployment options, infinite authentication workflows, and customer self-service options. Additionally, SecureAuth offers mature MFA capabilities.  


SimeioSimeio offers managed identity security services, which can greatly benefit consumer-facing enterprises with overworked IT departments. Additionally, Simeio offers IDaaS for CIAM customers and can offer CIAM as a service via on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. They also facilitate the implementation and maintenance of user interfaces.  


Ubisecure identity and access management platformsRounding out our list of the top CIAM providers of 2019, Ubisecure specializes in high-scale customer identity use cases. In fact, they design their solution to facilitate customer capture, conversion, and engagement. This allows your enterprise to use customer data for business processes while staying in compliance with regulations. Ubisecure also offers strong MFA capabilities. 

If you would like to learn more about the top CIAM providers of 2019 and beyond, check out the Identity Management Buyer’s Guide! We cover them in greater detail and our Bottom Line for each!  Also, check out the Solutions Suggestion Engine

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